TIM BRANDO – 11/2/15
FOX Sports college football announcer

“We’ve basically overpaid for rights for how long? There’s cutbacks (at news organizations) everywhere because of what? We’re paying so much money for the rights fees, so much money to give them the technology, and it takes them 15 minutes to screw it up the way they screwed it up in Durham? Are you kidding me? It is so wrong on every level I can’t even begin to tell you. So yeah, I am pissed off.”
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Harvard Crimson sophomore sports columnist

“I was super upset, in a constant malaise and it really affected me personally. I think what’s even worse for football players, while they definitely don’t report all their concussions – only 1 in every 27 hits to the head is reported – I think what ends up happening is they get hit in the head basically every practice, basically every game, in these sort of small ways. Offensive and defensive linemen hit heads almost every play. Helmets are used as a weapon.”
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CBSSports.com college football writer

“We are 100 percent going to see some shake up between now and then. And I know we’ve only got a small sample size – just one year of the College Football Playoff – but I bet if we spin this forward, it is going to be very rare (where the first four is the final four). I would argue we might never see a year where the initial four equal the final four.”
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BILL ALTHAUS – 11/3/15
Independence Examiners sports columnist

“He’s just the perfect guy. I’m talking to him after he hit that (game-tying) home run (in the ninth inning of Game 1), and I said, ‘Man, you saved Hosmer the embarrassment of the error.’ And he goes, ‘I didn’t save anybody.’ He said, ‘All we do is we play for each other.’ I’ll tell you what, man. It’s not a cliche, it’s not a worn-out line. These guys love each other. I’ve never been around a team that’s any closer than this team, the chemistry they have. They have the perfect manager because Ned Yost is going to take all the heat, he’s going to take all the bullets. He’s not going to let anybody attack his team. He loves these kids. When he took over as manager, most of them were in A-ball, and he’s seen them grow and develop and win championships in Class- A and Double-A and now here they all are together and winning championships at the big level.”
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BILL ORAM – 11/4/15
Orange County Register Lakers beat writer

“Look, Kobe is one of the great champions in NBA history. I think both of us would real enjoy watching him chase one more ring, but unless something just dramatically changes, I don’t see that happening.”
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Stanford cornerback

“This is a very competitive conference – one of the best in the nation. In my opinion, it’s the best. But you really can’t underestimate anybody. They’re a very talented football team. They’re very well-coached, fundamentally sound. So you have to really do what you have to do and trust your coaching and just play a good game.”
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LARRY LAGE – 11/5/15
AP Lion writer

“(Jim) Caldwell is going to be Dead Man Walking here in the second half. It would stun everybody if he keeps his job beyond this year.”
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Three-time Super Bowl champion

“Aldon Smith, he’s getting pressure, but he’s not getting sacks. Khalil Mack, he’s effective, but they haven’t t taken that next step of dominating the line of scrimmage and really getting to the quarterback. That’s allowing teams to throw the ball downfield on them.”
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