JERRY HINNEN – 11/9/15 college football writer

“Two years ago, LSU came into the same kind of (game) – maybe not as big as the 2011 1-versus-2 game, but clearly the SEC’s game of the regular season – and Alabama beat the pants off of them a couple of years ago. AJ MaCarron kind of leapt into Nick Saran’s arms, if you remember that, and they never really seemed to get the same edge from that game back at all. Last year, they had some good games at home against some lackluster teams – Texas A&M and Florida. They didn’t play the same way in their biggest games. Needed an escape against LSU, needed an escape against Auburn and of course lost to Ohio State. To me, it felt like we never quite saw that same Alabama team last year until (it played) LSU last Saturday.”
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Bears linebacker

“We just wanted to show what kind of team we have, the players we have. We’re going to go back to Chicago and enjoy this win.”
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JERRY PALM – 11/10/15 college football analyst

“He’s going to make his second start against probably the best defense the league. That would have normally been TCU’s. They’ve just been so decimated with attrition on their defense. It’s kind of a shadow of what it was at the beginning of the year. I think you could argue that Oklahoma is playing as well as any of those four teams at the top of the Big 12. I think it’s a great challenge for Baylor, but Baylor is capable of finishing 12-0. I believe that. They are capable of it. But they haven’t showed us that they’d deserve to be the No. 6-ranked team right now.”
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JAY LEE – 11/10/15
Baylor WR

“We know they’ll be loud and ready to go. We got the blackout and College GameDay here, so everything is around Waco right now. What we have to do as a team is block that out, focus on us, focus on going out there, executing our plays, being fundamentally sound, knowing our assignments and technique and then executing it with effort. This game is big for us. We’re ready to go out there and put on a show. . . . We’re anxious about that game because this is our time to put on a show for the committee because they say we haven’t played anybody. So we’r going to go out there and show that we can still ball the way we do.”
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Reds Wings left wing

“We won our first three games, I think went 1-4-1 in the next six and we struggled a bit. But I think we’ve been finding our game here of late. Obviously we played a really good team last night in Washington and beat them. I thought we played really well. We had good goaltending, but right now they’re a top team in the East, so I think we measured right up with them and we’re right there with them. We play a certain way, we play the right way. We got a team that can be a force to be reckoned with as we move forward here. So we’re young. We’re real young. We got some young players coming in here. Obviously we’ve got a good mix of veterans, but it should be an exciting year for us.”
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TIM GRAHAM – 11/11/15
Buffalo News sportswriter

“I know Darrelle Revis is a big part of that, but I think that’s my favorite matchup going into (Thursday): Revis against Sammy Watkins, who’s going off that monster game in which he accounted for 93 percent of the Bills’ passing offense.”
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Vikings safety

“Pretty much every game does come down to the fourth quarter or the last two minutes of the game. Every team, every week, is going to have a freak on (the offensive) side of the ball that you’re going to have handle. This will be another good game, another good challenge for us. We’re looking forward to going out there on the road and getting another win on the road. That’s what great teams have to do. They have to be able to go out and win on the road against another tough team. It will be a great test. We’re looking forward to Sunday. It’ll be a hell of a game.”
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