BILL HUBER – 11/16/15 writer

“With Rodgers at quarterback, they’ve lost 10 consecutive road games against teams with winning records. Nine of these games were against teams with top-five defenses. What’s Minnesota got? A top-five defense. Until Green Bay can go on the road and beat a legitimate team with a  legitimate defense, I just say they’re (not going to do it).”
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PAUL KLEE – 11/16/15
Gazette Denver sports columnist

“Their idea is to give Osweiler the start in Chicago, see where Peyton’s health is, reevaluate things, and I think you got to take into consideration the fact that the Broncos are going to be hosing the Patriots in two weeks. That’s Brady/Manning Episode No.18, I believe. I don’t know that everybody wants to see Brady/Osweiler on that Sunday night.”
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Michigan State guard

“All the fans, all the top programs in the nation, Hall of Fame coaches, great players, NBA prospects – it was the whole nine. So it was a great opportunity for us to get a win, and I’m glad we got the win.”
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JAMES WOODARD – 11/17/15
Tulsa guard

“That as the whole focus – just win the game. Wichita State is a very good team. They played in the NCAA Tournament the past few years and made big runs. They’re a great team. But we just came in focused on us and focused defensively, especially on rebounding. We know that’s the type of team they are – a hard, physical team. But we came in, stayed together and we just executed our plan.”
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JIM OWCZARSKI – 11/17/15
Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals beat writer

“Say whatever you want about it. He felt he got a shot taken so he said something back. I know nationally it hasn’t played very well because JJ. Watt is everything. He’s the insurance-company guy, the commercial guy, the HBO star. Andy Dalton is never going to win that sort of broad PR battle. But I think in town, I appreciated the fact that he said it. He easily could have waved it away and just pretended it didn’t bother him, but it did. He said something. And honestly, I think it’s going to play well in the locker room because those guys love him. And hey, it’s pro sports. Any reason to rally around a guy or feel disrespected, you know these guys love that and will latch right on to it.”
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ELFRID PAYTON – 11/18/15
Magic guard

“It’s helping us to grow, learning how to get through these situations and get through those games. So I think we’re on the right track.”
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Houston Chronicle sports columnist

“It’s been a combination of them trying to figure things out – and 11 games in, they hadn’t figured it out. They looked a  little closer to figuring it out tonight, but they would have played the same way, I think, if McHale were still there. You just never know.”
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XAVIER RHODES – 11/19/15
Vikings cornerback

“It’s some great teams. Not to say that the beginning wasn’t good teams, but we have to finish out strong with these guys. Because these guys, they’re also trying to fight for what we’re fighting for – and that’s going for the Super Bowl. We have to go out there and continue to fight to get these wins.”
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BRIAN CASHMAN – 11/19/15
Yankees GM

“I had sponsors back in the day with the Yankees. They gave me opportunities and led me down a path (that gave) me an opportunity of a lifetime to be GM of the Yankees. The Covenant House takes care of homeless youth that don’t have those sponsors. They don’t have a parent background or they don’t have a home that they can go to at night, they don’t have a structured environment to have those opportunities to be able to grow into whatever they’re capable of being, and that’s what this place is here for. I’m really thankful that Kevin asked me to participate.”
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Utah WR

“We’re already this far into the season. (We have a) good record. Obviously we can’t do anything about the loss that we had. What he was pretty much trying to say to the whole team was take that as a learning opportunity. Everyone hates to lose. Everyone hates that feeling that you get after the game and watching film on Mondays when you get in. We just take that and put it into the burner and let it fire us up for UCLA.”
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TELVIN SMITH – 11/19/15
Jaguars LB

“He’s got receivers, tight ends, running backs – anybody can catch coming out the back field or run great routes or stretch the field. We have all those weapons, so I think we’re just finding our (way) and coming together.”
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