The Cleveland Browns lost in the most Cleveland Browns way possible on Monday, as their potential game-winning field goal was blocked and returned 64 yards for a touchdown in a 33-27 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Browns (2-9), who have lost six straight games, clinched their 15th losing season in 17 years since returning to Cleveland, and will almost certainly drop to 2-10 after playing the 9-2 Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday. That would give Cleveland its 13th double-digit-loss season since 1999.

“I feel for Browns fans because they come back for this year in and year out,” 92.3 The Fan Browns writer Daryl Ruiter said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “The fans here deserve better than the slop that’s put on the field, and do you know what bothers me most? I walk in the Browns’ locker room and the players don’t care. They don’t care. The players, losing does not bother this football team. Do you want to know how lame the Browns are? Their slogan, ‘Play like a Brown’ (is a joke). I am now petitioning: Please, play like anything but a Brown. That’s part of the freaking problem. Play like a Steeler, play like a Raven, play like a Seahawks, but for the love of everything holy on earth, do not play like a Brown. The defensive coordinator (Jim O’Neil) hands out dog-bone charms to players – even in losses – for players making plays like a Brown. They have a wrestling belt that, at the end of the season, the defensive MVP of the worst defense in the NFL this year is going to get awarded. That is the ultimate farce.”

Cleveland has won just two games this season: a 28-14 win over the 2-9 Titans in Week 2 and an overtime win over the 4-7 Ravens in Week 5. Since then? Six losses, all ranging from three points to three touchdowns.

“(This) team is an abomination,” Ruiter said. “Since they started 7-4 last year, they are now 2-14 – 2-14 since Mike Pettine had this team at 7-4. (The franchise was) unhappy that Brian Hoyer was the guy that had the team at 7-4 instead of the guy that couldn’t even call a play in the huddle (Johnny Manziel) – their first-round draft pick who also can’t keep himself off of a cell phone camera at a bar. So this organization, right now, from top to bottom, is a cesspool of failure. I think that they all need to go. The team president, the coach, the general manager – (all need to go).”


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