BILL ORAM – 11/30/15
Orange County Register Lakers beat writer

“He did his documentary last year, ‘Muse,’ that was on one of the premium networks and that was something that was watched kind of the world around to see Kobe’s perspective on his own life. He said he wants to keep telling stories that inspire and educate in creative ways.”
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WILL HILL – 11/30/15
Ravens safety

“We just got to keep the faith and go out each week and compete like how we’ve been doing and just grind and come out on top (with a) win.”
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A.J. HAMMONS – 12/1/15
Purdue center

“At halftime one of our senior leaders, Ray (Davis), he just came together and just told us we had to step it up. We had a couple young guys step it up for us in the second half. Ryan Cline came out and hit four big threes. So really, we just got to keep working. We’ve got a long (way) to go. We’re a strong group. We’ll just keep playing hard.”
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T.J. MCCONNELL – 12/1/15
Sixers guard

“I’m just trying to go form there. I’m not trying to do too much. I’m just letting the game come to me. My teammates do a great job of helping me out. We’re going to try to get this one in New York.”
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DARYL RUITER – 12/1/15
92.3 The Fan Browns writer

“Since they started 7-4 last year, they are now 2-14 – 2-14 since Mike Pettine had this team at 7-4. (The franchise was) unhappy that Brian Hoyer was the guy that had the team at 7-4 instead of the guy that couldn’t even call a play in the huddle (Johnny Manziel) – their first-round draft pick who also can’t keep himself off of a cell phone camera at a bar. So this organization, right now, from top to bottom, is a cesspool of failure. I think that they all need to go. The team president, the coach, the general manager – (all need to go).”
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SCOTT FELIX – 12/2/15
USC linebacker

“As soon as he gave us word that Coach Helton was hired, we all went crazy. It was nuts. It was honestly such a great feeing. I’m probably not going to forget that for a very, very long time. We feel accomplished this season. We want the coach that we wanted and now we just have to go take care of business this Saturday.”
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VITTO BROWN – 12/2/15
Wisconsin forward

“Obviously those are the two obvious ones, with them being NBA players now. But Josh Gasser, we miss him just as much. Having that guy being able to stick a face on the ball and get defensive stops. Zak Showalter has done a great job of helping to fulfill that role, but yeah, it’s definitely hard without them. That’s why it’s been a slow start, but I think with every game we’re getting better and we’re learning each other even more.”
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RICK BARRY – 12/3/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“He’s as exciting a player as I’ve ever watched, he’s as enjoyable a player as I’ve ever watched and I really look forward to seeing him and this team play. It’s just remarkable. The guy is just so much fun to watch play. He’s one of those rare guys who’s truly worth the price of admission. He really is. And the team is just playing so well.”
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BRYCE ALFORD – 12/3/15
UCLA guard

“I think we definitely did that. Not only did we win this game, but we were up by double digits pretty much for 35 minutes of the game. So we knew that nobody believed that we were going to win this game, let alone even keep it competitive. So we wanted to come out here and shock everybody and we knew that we could do that.”
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