Well, that didn’t take long.

Just days after parting ways with Georgia, Mark Richt has been named the new head coach at Miami. The Bulldogs, meanwhile, have hired Kirby Smart, who is arguably the best defensive coordinator in college football but has never been a head coach.

“I think it’s wonderful (that Richt got hired),” Fox Sports national commentator Tim Brando said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Shame on Georgia for making themselves look as stupid as they look. I mean, my God, you’re going to tell me that on the basis of what, Kirby Smart is a Georgia grad and oh by the way he works for Nick Saban. Well, that’s enough. Surely, yes, if he works for Saban and he’s a Georgia grad, clearly he’s better than Mark Richt.”

Brando, in case you couldn’t tell, was being sarcastic.

“Mark Richt wont three game for every one he lost, he was five seconds and one play away from a national championship three years ago when they played Alabama, and, oh by the way, he won two SEC titles at a time when the league was taking off and becoming the powerhouse during the BCS era,” Brando said. “ And they’re going to run him because they want Kirby Smart that badly?”

Indeed, whether it was Georgia’s handling of Richt or LSU’s handling of Les Miles, Brando has been flummoxed by the personnel decisions coming out of SEC athletic departments these days.

“Look, LSU (showed) how overly political and stupid an administration can be in their dealing of the situation with Les Miles,” Brando said, “but at least they were going after Jimbo Fisher. They thought they could get Jimbo. There’s no denying that Les Miles, when he walked out onto the field, had to know that Fisher and told them ‘(No), I’m not ready to take this yet. I still have to coach my team.’ But as bad as that looked for LSU, at least they were swinging for the fences and trying to get an accomplished winner that would bring in some intellectual property offensively from where they were. At least they were swinging for the fence even though they failed in getting Jimbo. Georgia looked like a weak gap hitter into shallow right center (going) for Kirby Smart’s potential. His potential? You have got to be kidding me.

“We have gotten into a situation in college football,” Brando continued, “where the presidents and chancellors have yielded some of their power to the ADs, who do what? Just absolutely serve up nothing but garbage when they’re being paid upwards of three-quarters of a million dollars for the year and have annuities and country-club memberships. For what? These kinds of decisions? To make fools of themselves nationally? It’s unbelievable what went on in the SEC both with LSU mismanaging but holding on to Miles and Georgia doing what they did to one of the most accomplished coaches of his generation. . . . I understand why people are frustrated at both places, but if this is your answer from your leadership at both locations, well then those guys need to be fired – because you can’t win championships without a great head coach and support from the leadership of the (administration). These guys have to communicate and what we have here is power and influence run amok. These guys need to get a clue.”


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