DeMarco Murray is causing quite a stir in Philadelphia these days. Unfortunately, it’s not because of his play on the field.

Wait, actually, it is.

The disgruntled Eagles running back reportedly met with team owner Jeffrey Lurie to express frustration over his lack of playing time and confusion in terms of how he fits into Chip Kelly’s offense. Murray played just 14 offensive snaps this past weekend against the Patriots, rushing eight times for 24 yards and finishing without a catch in a 35-28 Eagles win.

Eagles fans were probably just happy for the win – something the team achieved just once in the entire month of November.

“Well, first of all, when DeMarco Murray got the opportunity to run the ball, he didn’t make much of it,” Sports Radio WIP host Big Daddy Graham said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He seems like a severe step slower. I think if anything, Kelly hung in with him for the longest time. The pitch amongst fans back here is, ‘Why is he getting more touches than Ryan Mathews?’ Now, Mathews has been out for the last couple games with a concussion, so Kelly turned to Darren Sproles, which is another guy that most Eagle fans believe has been severely underused. If DeMarco Murray would have came out and set the world on fire (form the start) and if Mathews hand’t looked so much better than he did and quicker, then maybe none of this would have happened.”

Sproles led the Eagles with 15 carries for 66 yards against New England. He also had a team-high four catches for 34 yards. Heck, even Kenjon Barner, with nine carries for 39 yards, touched the ball more than Murray, who led the NFL in rushing last year.

“I’m hearing all kinds of rumblings,” Graham said. “When something like this happens, more people are now ready to start saying other stuff. I’m hearing that Murray has never quite jived with the rest of the Eagles’ clubhouse, that he was pissed off when Miles Austin got traded, who he lives with here in town – or was. So Murray, I think it’s a pretty cheap, bogus move, him going to Lurie. Now what we don’t know is whether or not Murray went to somebody else first and felt like he was blown off and (decided) to go to the owner. We don’t know that. Believe me, people are trying to find that out right now.”

Murray has rushed 163 times for just 569 yards – 3.5 yards per carry – and four touchdown this season. By comparison, he ran 392 times for 1,845 yards – 4.7 yards per carry – and 13 touchdowns last year in Dallas.

“Murray looks terrible,” Graham said. “He does. He looks terrible. He can’t get around the corner. The Eagles are so much better when Mathews and Darren Sproles are in the game. Even Barner looked better this weekend – up to when he fumbled the stupid ball and almost cost them the game. So this is a big mess, but I give Kelly credit – and I have not given Kelly too much credit this year. Nobody has. He’s public enemy No. 1 as far as the Eagles are concerned. But everybody pretty much gave him credit for finally saying, ‘I don’t care how much money you’re being paid. I need to win some games here.’ And they won. They went up to New England and won the game – and Darren Sproles had a lot to do with it.”


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