SEAN LEE – 12/7/15
Cowboys linebacker

“It’s one of those things where we’re not going to use an old game to make excuses. We have to go and play a great team with a great quarterback. We have to find a way to win. We got to win one game at a time. We’re lucky to be in the situation we’re in with all the losses we have. So take it one game at a time. We know we got a great team ahead of us and we’re going to prepare the right way.”
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GARY NEAL – 12/7/15
Wizards guard

“Our core guys who play all the minutes, they’re pretty young and they still have a lot of years in their careers. So I think that is a part of the learning process. That’s why we’re so up and down – because we have a young team. We come out and look good against Cleveland and then we look lethargic against the Lakers. It’s a growing process.”
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WIP host

“When something like this happens, more people are now ready to start saying other stuff. I’m hearing that Murray has never quite jived with the rest of the Eagles’ clubhouse, that he was pissed off when Miles Austin got traded, who he lives with here in town – or was. So Murray, I think it’s a pretty cheap, bogus move, him going to Lurie. Now what we don’t know is whether or not Murray went to somebody else first and felt like he was blown off and (decided) to go to the owner. We don’t know that. Believe me, people are trying to find that out right now.”
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BRIAN MURPHY – 12/9/15
St. Paul Pioneer Press sports columnist

“They quickly abandoned it and tried to go through the air. And right now, Teddy Bridgewater has not proven himself yet to carry that burden to go out and win them a game passing. That could be troubling down the road, but this is who the Vikings are in 2015: run first, defend well, have a quarterback managing the ball. Once they stray out of that line, there’s going to be problems.”
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ERIC MAC LAIN – 12/10/15
Clemson offensive lineman

“Obviously they’re one of the hottest teams in America right now when you talk about production and things they’ve done. It’s going to be a big challenge for us on offense. So we’re going to have our hands full, but were looking forward to the challenge.”
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