RUEBEN RANDLE – 12/14/15
Giants WR

“We know we put ourselves in a position we shouldn’t be at, and we feel like we can find our way out. That’s what we have to do. We’re going to all come together as one and try to get the job done.”
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JIM OWCZARSKI – 12/14/15
Cincinnati Enquirer Bengals beat writer

“He’s done good job. For a kid who’s a backup quarterback, clearly the No. 2, hasn’t played, we’ve seem him in the locker room – he gets along with all position groups, all the players, the stars, so to speak. He’s not just sort of relegated to his guys on the second team. He’s a very likable guy. And right away, even after that game Sunday, his veteran teammates were like, ‘We’re ready to go with the guy. We feel like he can lead us until Andy Dalton comes back.’”
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TROY RENCK – 12/15/15
Denver Post Broncos writer

“They have a defense that’s built to win a Super Bowl, and if they feel like a quarterback change again could create some more offense that could get this team back to the Super Bowl, then they could (go back to Peyton Manning).”
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MATT MOORE – 12/15/15 NBA writer

“There’s been reports that that makes sense but not necessarily that the Heat legitimately have interest. Because bear in mind: The Miami Heat are very clearly going after Kevin Durant. That’s their No. 1 option. If they want to go after Kevin Durant, they want to make sure they have the financial flexibility to build a team around Durant if he were to choose them in free agency. It may seem like an outside shot, but that’s still the plan.”
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TIM BOOTH – 12/16/15
Seattle AP writer

“Any of those are a pretty favorable match-up for Seattle, even if they have to go on the road. The one thing that would draw concern out here is if somehow, someway, things got really screwed up between the 5 and 6 seed and they ended up having to go to Green Bay for that first Wild Card game. I think that would be the one to cause some pause among Seahawks fans. If they end up with the 5-seed there will be some pretty confident people thinking that they can go east and knock off the winner of that NFC east division.”
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GARY PARRISH – 12/16/15 college basketball columnist

“Frankly, he’s not the first guy who’s done it. Jim Calhoun did this exact same thing, walking away so close to the season to make sure that Kevin Ollie would get a chance. Bob Knight walked away mid-season to ensure that Pat Knight would get a chance at Texas Tech, so Bo’s just the latest to do it.”
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P.J. HAIRSTON – 12/17/15
Hornets forward

“I’ve been shooting the ball well the last couple games, and I just had the confidence in me. I knew I was going to make the shot.”
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Rams RB/KR

“He’s the most dynamic player I’ve ever played with in my life. The way he works during the week, it’s no surprise to us. The things he does on Sunday, you see all during the week, man. I’m happy for him. It’s good to see him come out and have the success with the way he works during the week.”
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ERICSON CORE – 12/17/15
Point Break director

“The guys rehearsed for months prior – six months prior – flying in formation in open air before they even went close to it. So they were very smart about how they did it. The guys were every clear about when they could or couldn’t jump, and we never pressured them to do anything that they couldn’t, and we pulled it off. But we all sighed a huge relief when we were done with he wing-suiting and everyone walked away without a scratch.”
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