Now that Tom Coughlin is out in New York, the Giants must find his replacement. John Mara could go in any number of directions, but don’t be surprised if his search ends in New England – not because of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, but because of head coach Bill Belichick.


“They need to go for a proven guy,” writer Jerry Foley said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “It’s not going to be a (Bill) Cowher or (Jon) Gruden. I think they’re going to try and do everything they can to get Sean Payton without giving up too high of a draft pick because the roster is what the issue is. It’s talent. So I think they have to go for a name like Payton, (but) don’t laugh: If the Patriots are somehow eliminated in two weeks, I really believe they’re going to call them and at least ask about Belichick. I know it’s insane, but if there’s one organization where (Belichick) would go back to, I think it’s the Giants. He loves the Giants. He had tears in his eyes when he went back to Giants Stadium when he was with the Patriots. I think he would love to come in on a white horse and say, ‘I’m running this whole thing.’ I know it’s insane, but what else can he accomplish in New England? He’s got four Super Bowls. I’m just saying it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.”

If Belichick were to leave New England for New York, Scott Ferrall opined, it might be the greatest story in sports history.

“Again, I think it has to fall right,” Foley said. “The Giants are probably going to want to make a decision within the next two weeks, but if the Pats are eliminated, I think the call is at least made to (Robert) Kraft or to Belichick directly from John Mara. I think they’re at that point. I think the Giants need to make that type of move. I don’t think Josh McDaniels, Ben McAdoo, Steve Spagnuolo – that doesn’t excite the fan base. That’s not going to get everybody revved up and ready for 2016. Listen, it’s a little far-fetched, but it wouldn’t stun me. Again, the love that Belichick has for the Giant organization, I don’t think it’s that far-fetched.”

Rest assured that if Belichick is interested, the Giants would make it happen. Payton is a good coach – and maybe even a great one – but Belichick is in a class all his own.

“Payton is in the Coughlin category; Belichick is in the Lombardi/Landry/Shula category,” Foley said. “Would he leave? It wouldn’t stun me. I just don’t know what else he can accomplish with the Patriots. If he came to the Giants, he would own New York City. When the Knicks are good, New York is a basketball town. They’re also a baseball town. They’re a football town, but it’s really third on the list of sports. If Belichick comes in, the Giants are at the back page almost every day.”


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