Kansas guard

“We went in the locker room and it kind of fired us up. We battled back. It just helped us grind the game out. We knew he cared, so we had to put our heart on the line and do as much as he did. I will never forget this game. One of the best games I’ve been a part of.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 1/4/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“He still comes to every game. He doesn’t have to be here. He’s hurt. He’s on the IR. Johnny can’t even show up. I’m tired. Look, I like him. I think he’s an exciting player, but that act is so worn out. It’s so worn out. And if this franchise is ever going to move forward, they got to cut ties with him.”
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JERRY FOLEY – 1/5/16 writer

“The Giants are probably going to want to make a decision within the next two weeks, but if the Pats are eliminated, I think the call is at least made to (Robert) Kraft or to Belichick directly from John Mara. I think they’re at that point. I think the Giants need to make that type of move. I don’t think Josh McDaniels, Ben McAdoo, Steve Spagnuolo – that doesn’t excite the fan base. That’s not going to get everybody revved up and ready for 2016. Listen, it’s a little far-fetched, but it wouldn’t stun me. Again, the love that Belichick has for the Giant organization, I don’t think it’s that far-fetched.”
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Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan host

“I think Dalton’s 50/50 at best to play. I think McCarron, if he’s smart, just tries to manage the game and the Steelers have to go gung-ho throwing it a million times (and) could actually win this thing.”
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Marquette guard

“Guys were playing selfishly. and we just decided let’s get back to our ways. Let’s get back to sharing the ball, let’s get back to having each other’s back on defense and see what we can do. Providence is a great team. They’re a real tough team to defend. As soon as we came together, we did it.”
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Bleacher Report MLB columnist

“I hadn’t voted yet. I was moving closer to voting, thinking, ‘There’s just not as much of a smoking gun around those two as there is Bonds and Clemens and some other guys.’ So like I say, I had them in a holding pattern, hadn’t voted, and really, really over the last couple years agonized over those two guys. I can’t sit here today and tell you definitively I did the right thing or not. You try to vote your conscience and do the best job you can.”
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UCLA guard

“We know we can play with just about anybody in the country. We just got to put it together for 40 minutes every single time we take the court. So tonight was a big win for us.”
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Purdue guard

“We can’t have a team come into our arena and have fans leave with the impression that they played harder than us – and in the second half, they played harder than us. We can’t allow Purdue to beat Purdue. We also just got to focus in and lock in, but this was a good bounce-back win for us. We were able to play hard and make shots.”
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Vikings safety

“Obviously to clinch the playoff and then to clinch the division title, you got to use that momentum to kind of carry you into the playoffs and just go from there. You got to get in and start playing good ball right at the right time.”
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