WARREN MOON – 1/18/16
Seahawks radio analyst, NFL HOF QB

“(The Seahawks) had beaten them the last three times they had played in Carolina, so that was a huge game for him and that football team. You never know how a team is going to come back from having a few weeks off, especially if they’re not used to that and how they come out of a bye week. They came out with a lot of fire. You got to give Ron Rivera a lot of credit for the way he prepared his team, and they came out of the locker room and took advantage of being at home and really fed off of that home-field advantage.”
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Iowa State forward

“Of course, playing against them for so many years, we know their players, they know us and every game is intense. Every team wants to beat then other team just as bad. It was a great game tonight.”
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SMU guard

“We’re focused on whoever’s in the locker room. Whoever’s going to go out on the court with us, that’s who we’re doing it for. We ain’t focusing on nobody else on the outside. If you’re going to be on the team with us, we’re going to ride or die for each other. That’s the concept in the locker room. We’re just being there for each other.”
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GARY MYERS – 1/19/16
NYDN columnist

“That’s kind of what happens when you get to that age where your body just starts betraying you and you get old in a hurry.”
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Pistons guard

“We made a key point about pounding the glass, get rebounds and push the ball on the offensive end. That was a big key for us. We wanted to get stops and rebound and just push the ball.”
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RealGM.com NBA writer

“You just wait and see. There’s not another Kobe coming anytime soon. He’s that good. Is he Michael Jordan? No, not even close. But in terms of where he’s at with this generation, he’s the closest thing that they’ve seen to Mike cosmetically. Guys like Kobe and Duncan and Garnett, just like Shaq, you can’t replace those guys. They come once-in-a-lifetime. And when Kobe’s gone, fans are really, really going to miss what he brings to the game – because it’s immeasurable.”
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MARK MCCLUNE – 1/21/16
Phoenix CBS TV anchor

“You’re looking at maybe the greatest postseason receiver in history. Now granted, Jerry Rice played a ton more games, but Fitzgerald is ahead of him in touchdowns, he passed Steve Smith for yards – he’s a guy that steps up on a huge stage. Whether it was against the Steelers in the Super Bowl back in ’09 when he took it to the house and we thought here in Arizona that the Cardinals were going to win the Super Bowl, or last Sunday night against the Packers when he put the team on his back and basically won the game – those are two Hall-of-Fame moments.”
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