Miami guard

“It all starts with defense. We get stops, we get out in transition, we got athletes on the team. We feed off that type of energy. It takes the game a long way for us.”
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ABDEL NADER – 1/25/16
Iowa State forward

“We’ve done it two years in a row. I think we can definitely do it. Obviously our goal is to win the regular conference (first). It can be tough, but we’ll see if we can get it done.”
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PAT GRAHAM – 1/25/16
AP Broncos reporter

“It’s just impossible. He’s just so dynamic. How do you defend that guy? His passing game has improved so much. You couple that with his ability to scramble around, and he’s so big. He’s just a load. Aqib Talib basically said that this guy could play anywhere on the field – and it’s true. He could probably be a defensive end and be just as effective. That’s how good of an athlete he is.”
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JORDAN HILL – 1/26/16
Wisconsin guard

“He got a lot of points getting to the rim and getting to the free-throw line, even with guys in his face. He’s just a tough guy to guard. He’s got everything he needs to be a great point guard in this league. When you don’t get a lot of help, it’s tough to win. You can score all the points you want, but you can’t be the only one doing it.”
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LA Times columnist

“Obviously if there was no police report and no arrest, then there were no blood tests done at the time. It’s impossible to say that right now. It’s one guy’s word against the other guy’s word. Looking at it now, these are two grown men who behaved like babies, who behaved like brats. You’d think that it might involve alcohol, but you can’t know for sure.”
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Arkansas guard

“But after sitting out this year and working extremely hard, the confidence that this team and Coach (Mike) Anderson gives me, it’s been a reawakening for me to get back to the player I once was.”
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SHAUN POWELL – 1/27/16 writer

“Really, seriously, if you’re LeBron, why would you care who your coach is? You’re gong to do what you want to do anyway. But I think he’s a coach killer in this sense: If you’re coaching LeBron, you better win a championship pretty soon or else you’re done because of the expectations that go with coaching LeBron, particularly at this stage in his career. Early in his career, I don’t think there were great expectations, but right now, you’re going to get about a couple years. The Cavs, with that payroll, the expectations and also the angst in Cleveland to try to finally win some title of some sort in any sport, I think there’s so much pressure that you have to win with LeBron right now. If you’re a coach and you don’t win with LeBron, you’re gone.”
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JOSH BARNETT – 1/27/16
UFC fighter

“I can understand his sentiments, especially with past PED supposed abusers using it. I was just like, well, okay, you got on the sauce – legally, supposedly – and even got in trouble for having too high of a level after a win over Brandon (Vera). But at any rate, it’s just like, man, you got to take testosterone, and you liked it, you son of a gun. So if you’re going to say everybody’s on PEDs, that includes you. It’s just that you had a doctor’s note.”
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UFC fighter

“My striking, my wrestling, distance, speed, power – I think everything is gong to be an advantage for me, but it’s going to be hard, it’s going to be tough. He wants that next title shot, and so do I. So it’s a test for both of us.”
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EDDIE OLCZYK – 1/28/16
NHL on NBC lead hockey analyst

“But again, that can’t happen. You have to have respect for the guys you’re playing against, and you have to have the respect for the officials. It doesn’t matter how mad or pissed off you may be. You cannot make contact. You cannot due harm to an official. And to me, look, if I had the hammer, I would certainly look north of 30 games for sure.”
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San Diego Union-Tribune Chargers writer

“Hey, maybe an MLS team will come over, or hey, maybe the Oakland Raiders will make a move. Who knows what the future is going to be for San Diego as a sports town if the Chargers were to leave, but there’s just so much uncertainty about where the franchise is going to be. Essentially, San Diego was franchise-tagged today. It’s a one-year deal, it’s a guarantee, but it brings you no closer to long-term security. Players hate being franchise-tagged, and if you’re a fan who wants to know where your team is going to be, you can’t feel that great about it either.”
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