Tim Allen has spent a lot of years in Detroit and, as a result, is a Lions fan. But he was also born and raised in Denver. Thus, there’s no question where his allegiances lie heading into Super Bowl 50.

The only question is, can the Broncos actually beat the Panthers this Sunday?

Allen thinks it’s possible.

“The Panthers have never played Denver,” the movie star and television legend said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Nobody knows (how they’ll fare against a defense like that). Ray Lewis said great defenses are different than elite defenses, and if Denver’s elite defense shows up – I don’t think the Panthers ever played anybody quite like Denver. They match up in the middle of the field better than anybody else that’s played the Panthers. I remember once the Detroit Lions got (Dan) Marino off his game – one of the few (Lions) games I went to that they won. And when you get these quarterbacks that are very good at running around off their game, a lot of weird stuff can happen. So my sentence is that if the Broncos’ defense is elite, they can win that game. If they are just so-so, they’re not going to beat that team.”

Allen has watched Denver play in seven Super Bowls. The Broncos have lost five of them.

“Not only did they lose, but sometimes the game was over at halftime,” Allen joked. “Right before Elway did that pinwheel into the end zone and I think he won the game for the team – the two Super Bowls before that when the Broncos were in it, they weren’t even in the game. The chips are done, the beer’s over, everybody’s going home at halftime.”

The Broncos lost Super Bowl XXII to the Redskins, 42-10, in January 1988 and lost Super Bowl XXIV to the 49ers, 55-10, in January 1990.

“So not only did they get there and lose, but they kind of embarrassed themselves,” Allen said. “My only question mark – and I don’t know Peyton Manning personally – is has he thrown his arm out? Is he done with? I don’t know. He can’t throw that ball like Ben (Roethlisberger), that’s for sure. And of all the weird quarterbacks I watch is Joe Flacco. That guy can throw a ball to the outside of the field 55 yards on a bullet. I don’t know if Peyton can do that stuff anymore. He looked really good (in the first half against New England).”

Whatever happens, Allen is happy that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. Besides, what’s his alternative? The Lions?

“If you want to know how it is to lose, it’s 47 years I’ve been with the Detroit Lions,” said Allen, who moved to Detroit when he was 12. “Go to their stadium. There’s one banner. Get this: 1957. That’s the last time they’ve done anything.”


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