Perhaps you’ve heard that there’s been a little tension, a little drama, with Team Alpha Male in recent months.

Well, that’s because there has been.

“Yeah, there’s definitely tension between Urijah (Faber), a little bit with T.J. (Dillashaw),” UFC Fighter Joe Benavidez said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “They’re the same weight and we’re at the point of fighting each other. We’re going to hold back on that anymore because it’s like, ‘Hey, the guy’s not on my team anymore.’ So there was that. As far as me and Team Alpha Male, there’s not tension. The fans obviously like to make tension out of anything. It’s just funny. Urijah’s and Duane (Ludwig’s) tension has been very publicize because they just don’t like each other. But T.J. got in the middle with it as Urijah’s friend and teammate but Duane’s coach. So he got in the middle of it, definitely got the worst end of it, especially by being on The Ultimate Fighter and Conor (McGregor) calling him out. That was huge. Anything Conor says is the truth. That guy’s the biggest MMA star in the world.”

Indeed, McGregor, with his Muhammad Ali-like trash talk, tends to take over every room he’s in. That can go a long way, though, and there were times when it seemed Faber wanted to, in the words of Scott Ferrall, “kill him.”

“He definitely did,” Benavidez said. “I think they got into it a few times. For the most part, I think behind the scenes they’re actually pretty cool and had absolute respect for each other. You know how Faber is. You can’t shake that guy. Hd’s the most optimistic guy there is. Conor can talk and talk. Faber is going to just do his thing. They got into it, I think, a few times. I think it was before Chad (Mendez) and Conor’s fight. They actually physically kind of touched each other, but nothing happened. Other than that, I think they have (a lot of respect for each other).”

Benavidez (23-4) will fight Zach Makovsky (19-6) at UFC Fight Night 82 this Saturday in Las Vegas. Benavidez has won seven of his last eight fights, including four straight. Makovsky has lost two of three.


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