TIM ALLEN – 2/1/16
Movie star and TV legend

“Right before Elway did that pinwheel into the end zone and I think he won the game for the team – the two Super Bowls before that when the Broncos were in it, they weren’t even in the game. The chips are done, the beer’s over, everybody’s going home at halftime.”
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Comedian and VH1 TV personality

“I counted him out like Week 8. I’m like, ‘His career’s over. I’m happy. This is beautiful. I don’t have to see him anymore except for his dumb commercials.’ But then the guy comes back and I’m telling you, this is like a storybook ending for him. He’s not going out like that. He’s still Peyton Manning. He’s going to pull through somehow. Cam Newton, who knows? He’ll throw a couple of interceptions and it’s going to be over. I want Carolina (to win) so bad, but I see Denver pulling an upset.”
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Tennessee guard

“We really fed off that and got into a rhythm offensively and we just kept pushing. If every home game could be like that, I’m pretty sure we’ll win every home game (against) anybody that steps into this arena. It was great. I love those fans. They came out and supported us and we (got) the win.”
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DePaul guard

“We needed that in order to win. He was making shots, he was rebounding – Mike played probably the best game he’s played since I’ve been here. We got a win and if we’re going to continue to have success, we’re going to need him to come out and perform like that every single night.”
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UFC fighter

“We know what he can do, but then again, you just have to sit there and say, ‘Can he handle what I’m going to throw at him?’ I know what he’s got to do to defeat me, but I know what I can do to defeat him.”
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Former Panthers offensive lineman

“Now there’s always that slight chance that (the Denver) defense might impact the Carolina Panthers, but they’ve been the underdogs when it comes to the perception of this offense really taking that next step. The defense is getting left out, but Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and this defense can really change the game.”
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Miami head coach

“When you go to the bench, a lot of times college coaches worry about going to their bench because they’re going to lose something. With Ja’Quan Newton, we get a major lift. He really gives us a shot of adrenaline, he’s a real catalyst off the bench, so we’ve kept him in that role. He’s our second-leading scorer.”
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NASCAR driver

“He has fun at what he does and I like to think I have fun at what I’m doing if i’m out there on the race track. When I win, I like to celebrate, I like to slide, I like to do whatever I can and just enjoy the moment. You can definitely tell he’s living in the moment. If I’m compared to Cam Newton, that’s pretty awesome. He’s done a lot in his career already and if he can take home a Super Bowl and get the MVP, he’s pretty much won everything you can win as a quarterback. It’d be pretty awesome to see.”
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