Austin Dillon is one of the top young drivers in NASCAR. He’s also a Carolina Panthers season-ticket-holder.

Needless to say, the Lewisville, North Carolina, native cannot wait for this Sunday, when his Panthers take on the Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

“Dude, I’m jacked,” Dillon said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had a team that’s exciting and fun to watch, and that’s what they are this year for sure.”

Scott Ferrall compared Dillon, 25, to Cam Newton, 26. They’re both young, they’re both good at what they do and they both like to have fun.

Dillon welcomed that comparison.

“Man, Cam, he’s just an exciting dude to watch,” he said. “He has fun at what he does and I like to think I have fun at what I’m doing if i’m out there on the race track. When I win, I like to celebrate, I like to slide, I like to do whatever I can and just enjoy the moment. You can definitely tell he’s living in the moment. If I’m compared to Cam Newton, that’s pretty awesome. He’s done a lot in his career already and if he can take home a Super Bowl and get the MVP, he’s pretty much won everything you can win as a quarterback. It’d be pretty awesome to see.”

Carolina has advanced to the Super Bowl with relative ease, going 15-1 during the regular season and building playoff leads of 31-0 and 34-7 against Seattle and Arizona, respectively.

“Man, it was crazy,” Dillon said of the win over Seattle. “I was at both games, and in the first two minutes of thats Seahawks game, I don’t even think I breathed.”

Carolina scored on its opening drive, covering 75 yards in four plays. Less than a minute later, Luke Kuechly picked off Russell Wilson and took it 14 yards to the house to give the Panthers a 14-0 lead. Carolina led 31-0 before the Seahawks made a game of it in the second half.

“We were screaming the whole time,” Dillon said. “It was an intense first two minutes and it’s hard to hold that (emotion) throughout the game.”

Dillon was a little apprehensive heading into the NFC Championship, but Carolina handled Arizona with ease, recording seven turnovers – including six from Carson Palmer – to win 49-15.

“It was a dominant game,” Dillon said. “It was actually the first full game I’ve seen them play where all four quarters were just their game. That was fun to see. To see them play all four quarters against Arizona, a team that I thought was going to be our hardest matchup – we handled them. It was fun to watch.”


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