LeSean McCoy could be in legal hot water, as he is being investigated for his involvement in the assault of two off-duty police officers. The alleged assault took place early Sunday morning at a Philadelphia nightclub.

According to reports, the dispute occurred over a bottle of champagne. McCoy was reportedly with three friends, including former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley and former college teammate Tamarcus Porter.

If McCoy was involved in the incident as alleged, he could be in big, big trouble.

“You certainly think so,” Buffalo News sportswriter Jay Skurski said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “A lot of people on Twitter have been talking today about ‘Well, hey, if they’re off duty, they’re just like anybody else.’ Here’s the reason they’re not like everybody else: because the DA and the police department in Philadelphia is going to go make sure they go through this case with a fine-tooth comb and that they’re able to figure out a way to charge these guys and make sure they are punished for the crime if they did indeed commit it. That’s why it’s not going to go away. The DA in Philadelphia is going to make darn sure that they do whatever they can to present the strongest case possible, and the police department is going to do that as well. So the fact that they were off-duty police officers, to me, is a huge part of this story. It’s not going away.’

Both off-duty officers are 40-year-old black men. What began as pushing and shoving ended in all-out assault.

“The injuries sustained were pretty bad,” Skurski said. “These guys had to go to the hospital. One of them was actually monitored for a possible skull fracture. The other had broken ribs. This sounds like a serious assault, potentially some very serious problems LeSean McCoy could be looking at. Now it’s important to mention no charges have been filed yet. The police department is investigating this, so it’s in the early stages of that process. But on the surface, this does not look good for LeSean McCoy, and his camp and the Bills and being pretty tight-lipped about it. When that’s the case, you sort of start to wonder just what it is that they’re not wanting to talk about.”

If the reports are true, it’s possible that McCoy and his friends did not know who they were getting involved with that night.

“Well, they might have picked the wrong two guys to get involved with just because of the positions that they held,” Skurski said. “This has the potential to really become a huge problem for LeSean McCoy moving forward.”


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