Baylor guard

“If you’re an athlete, you dream for games like that. Hopefully (the games) don’t go to overtime, but it’s just an energy game. It was just fun. It was just amazing having everybody playing together and scoring the ball and helping each other out.”
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St. Joseph’s head coach

“Because the Power 5 has football, they run everything. Basketball people know what the Atlantic-10 is. Basketball people know. But nationally, you can only know what you watch and what you hear – and what you hear is Power 5, Power 5, Power 5. It is the way it is. The Atlantic-10 has come a long way because we used to fight it. We don’t have to. We just have to be the best basketball-centric league in America, which we certainly are.”
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Penn State forward

“Everybody knows the work that we’ve put in and the effort that we give day in and day out for State College and everybody here. I think we have great respect around here because they know how hard we work.”
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