DAVON REED – 2/22/16
Miami guard

“We played a tough game on Saturday, but unfortunately it didn’t fall our way. We kind of felt a little disrespected and embarrassed, and for us to come out tonight and just respond was a great feeling.”
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SCOTT MILLER – 2/22/16
Bleacher Report national MLB columnist

“I know a lot of people are ready to forgive and forget and that’s all fine. I don’t vote for him on my Hall of Fame ballot. I don’t vote for the steroid guys. I’m not intending to. That said, it’s interesting. Mark McGwire had to apologize before he could come back into baseball to be a coach. Bonds, I guess enough years have gone by that it’s like the statute of limitations. He never had to admit anything or apologize or anything. He just kind of skated back as a coach. I guess that’s fine.”
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MEGAN OLIVI – 2/23/16
UFC host and reporter

“I really do understand. The whole world was watching, she put everything on the line – she works her butt off, man. She’s one of the hardest workers not only in the sport, but in all of sports – and I get that. The whole world just saw you get dismantled.”
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JOSH SCOTT – 2/24/16
Colorado forward

“In previous encounters, they’ve not only gone the better of us, but they’ve really creamed us. So we knew that we were playing a higher-quality team and it was going to be an intense game and we had to bring it. It kind of helped that we had a packed building. The energy really helped us out and added fuel to the fire to get the W.”
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TV legal analyst

“Like you said, there is limited privacy for public figures. Especially if you’re a football player and you’re about to lose one of your fingers, it’s definitely newsworthy because that could potentially impact your performance in the game and so that was out there. Even JPP’s lawyers in their legal complaint said, ‘Listen, we do not deny that it was newsworthy that he was having a finger amputated. We take issue with the fact that he took a picture of JPP’s private medical chart and put it out there for four million people to see. That’s where he went wrong.’”
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TIM BRANDO – 2/25/16
Fox Sports announcer 

“They are scoring like 82 a game and yet shoot less than 30 percent from three. This may be one of the worst North Carolina three-point shooting teams and yet they are still putting astronomical numbers up. Watch out for the Heels once we get to the NCAAs.”
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