Brock Osweiler has started seven games in the NFL, during which he went 5-2 with the help of an all-world defense.

That was apparently enough to earn him a four-year, $72 million contract from the Houston Texans.

“In 2007, I went 4-1 as the starter and I think made about one-fifteenth of what he made for this contract,” former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “He’s going to make $18 million next year, so congrats to him. If I were him, though, I would have stayed (in Denver) – even for a couple million dollars less. I understand guys go after the biggest money possible and your career’s only so long, but his ability to be successful in the same system, to play in the same system in Denver under Gary Kubiak – who has always had good luck with NFL quarterbacks and the way they played – (would have been a great opportunity). That defense – they’ve lost a couple players the last day or so – but they still should be a top-three, top-five defense in the NFL. I would have stayed right there in Denver and played for the same team and the same system and not have that learning curve. He’s going to walk into a new team with a completely new offense, a completely new offensive coordinator, the whole system is different – it’s like understanding Spanish and trying to learn French. There’s some similarities there, but at the end of the day, he’s sort of starting from scratch from an offensive mental standpoint, and that could be a challenge.”

Denver reportedly offered Osweiler, 25, a contract worth $16 million a year. That wasn’t enough to retain the former second-round pick, who had spent his first four seasons with the Broncos.

Rosenfels thinks Osweiler may ultimately regret his decision.

“To stay in the same city with that same offense and that same team, the same locker room, I think, would lend him to be more successful going forward,” Rosenfels said. “I don’t think Broncos fans were expecting him to win another Super Bowl next year, but he played well enough this year that I would think their expectations would be that he’d be a good, growing quarterback that’s young, that’s going to make some mistakes, but he’s got a good team around him that he can lean on and they would probably be in the playoffs next year. But with Houston, you just have no idea. That team has gotten better over the course of the last year or so, but they’ve been really down for the most part over the course of the last three or four years.”


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