TIM CLUESS – 3/7/16
Iona head coach

“We had a lot of new guys to build in, and then A.J. English goes out with a hand injury and a surgery and he misses games, and we had several other players miss games for other injuries.”
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FOX Sports UFC writer

“That being said, Conor McGregor was blazing hot. This was sort of like a heat-check fight for him. He was doing so well at 145 and he’s like, ‘You now what? I’m gong to go up 25 pounds and see what happens there.’ (That) is unheard of. No one does that. No one’s ever done that in modern UFC History. Conor McGregor is still the biggest draw in UFC, there’s no doubt about that.”
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Gonzaga guard

“We knew in this locker room what we’re capable off. We needed to win tonight and we did so. Everybody on the team contributed tonight. They gave it all they had. They’re super guys, man. Hats off to them and hats off to the coaches. We did it, man. It feels amazing.”
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TIM BRANDO – 3/8/16
Fox Sports announcer

“Florida State has a chance against Virginia Tech, and if they win that game, they would then play Miami on Thursday. If you see Florida State go all the way to the finals out of their half of the bracket, I think they could probably make a strong case to get in the NCAA.”
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ADAM SMITH – 3/9/16
Georgia Tech guard

“Once we got over the hump, we understood what it took and exactly what we did to make that happen. Ever since then, we’ve just been kind of riding that wave, riding that momentum, and just improving. We have a lot of fight in us, still have a lot of fight in us. We still have so much more to give.”
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Former NFL QB

“I don’t think Broncos fans were expecting him to win another Super Bowl next year, but he played well enough this year that I would think their expectations would be that he’d be a good, growing quarterback that’s young, that’s going to make some mistakes, but he’s got a good team around him that he can lean on and they would probably be in the playoffs next year. But with Houston, you just have no idea. That team has gotten better over the course of the last year or so, but they’ve been really down for the most part over the course of the last three or four years.”
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TERRY RODNEY – 3/10/16
Fresno State head coach

“I thought Todd Simon did a great job filling in for them in a very difficult situation. You know every time you play those guys that you’re going to play a team that can really get things done, especially from an offensive standpoint. To come over and do it on their home court again, it’s not the easiest thing to do, it’s probably one of the more difficult things to do in our league.”
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KYLE KUZMA – 3/10/16
Utah forward

“Today, you guys saw that a little bit. But, you know, we had a couple of mistakes defensively and I feel like they were coming down the floor scoring at will for a certain part of the game. We have to look at the tape and get ready for tomorrow’s game.”
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DAVON REED – 3/10/16
Miami guard

“We just matched that intensity and we came out ready to play from the jump. We came out and we knew what was at stake and we have bigger goals. This was just the first team in the way.”
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