TIM BRANDO – 3/14/16
Fox Sports broadcaster

“Who’s to say one of those teams couldn’t make it all the way to Houston? That certainly happened the last time the Final Four was there because VCU was there and Butler was there. It can happen. Everyone gets a case of amnesia when they’re trying to find something to argue about or be pissed off with.”
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FGCU guard

“We can attack and be aggressive from multiple personnel on our team. When you have the ball in your hand, you got to make a play – and we had multiple guys making plays tonight. We’re fortunate enough to come out with the win.”
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Holy Cross guard

“I think that (being the underdog has) kind of been the thought of everybody throughout this run. We’ve been the underdog in every single game that we’ve played in March. We know that and it puts a chip on our shoulder, so I think that does help us. It gives us extra motivation to play well. We’re just going to keep riding this for as long as we can.”
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Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blogger

“It doesn’t sound like they’re all that comfortable with Quebec. if I were a betting man – and obviously when you’re talking about Vegas it’s a very appropriate cliche to say – I would bet Vegas gets the team.”
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BRUCE LEVINE – 3/17/16
The Score and CBSChicago.com Cubs writer

“We expect to hear from Adam LaRoche in the next day or so to say for sure that he’s going to retire or come back, but it’s certainly created a stir on Twitter and social media.”
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