Georgia Tech senior forward 

“Our seniors and our upperclassmen came out and played all-around team basketball and got the win. It was exciting to see. We knew we were going to win, but we didn’t know it was going to be that type of game.”
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PETE GILLEN – 3/22/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“That’s a heck of a game. Oregon has excellent depth, they play team defense, their wings are terrific. But certainly Duke’s got great wings too. Grayson Allen is tremendous. (So is) Brandon Ingram, the freshman. So it should be a great ball game. I think Oregon is a little deeper, a little better defensively. I think Oregon sneaks by, but you never know. Oregon was very vulnerable against Saint Joe’s. The Hawks had a chance to beat them.”
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Legal analyst

“Therefore, New York and the politicians can get a piece of the pie because it’s a billion-dollar industry, and then everybody wins and Schneiderman drops the suit and it’s legal and regulated. But in the short term, they have to make it look like Schneiderman is the hero and like he has won and he’s enforced the laws. So they’re backing down right now because they want to work with the system instead of (being tied down by it). . . . The bottom line is that New York wants some money from this and they want to be in charge of how DFS can play out and what people can do and can’t do. They want to regulate it.”
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Big Ten analyst and Sporting News college basketball writer

“Both teams, both Miami and Villanova are really, really well coached teams, and know exactly how they want to play. It’s kind of a clash of styles, more half-court constricted for Miami, Villanova likes to spread you out and get you guarding on the perimeter. Then they try to get by you. I’m just happy to be here in Louisville and really excited to get a chance to see it.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 3/23/16
92.3 The Fan host

“Have they looked coherent and cohesive? No, they haven’t. But, they’re a better team right now. Think about it. Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson are better than anything they had on the bench last year. Anything. They had nothing coming off the bench last year. If Ty Lue wants to go to a 10 or 11 man rotation, he can do it.”
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JASON COLE – 3/24/16
Bleacher Report NFL writer

“I think that anybody who watches football and knows football players who played for a long time sees these effects. But, how much? I don’t know. How much is it that versus how is your body constructed? What’s the chemical make-up of your body? Did you use steroids? Did you use certain drugs? Did you do certain activities? Because, look, Mike Webster used steroids. We all know that.”
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