GARY PARRISH – 3/28/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“The other game is a toss-up. Oklahoma/Villanova, there’s nothing surprising that can go down right there. It’s a complete toss-up basketball game. And the winner of that, is it capable of beating Carolina? Yes. But the winner of that will be an underdog to North Carolina. So if I had to pick, I’d take the Tar Heels to cut net, but I think in a one-game situation, playing either Villanova or Oklahoma, it could go down a variety of ways.”
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College basketball analyst

“We’re on the air on Sunday night before they’re going to play Wisconsin. I said, ‘Forget the three freshmen that start. Grayson Allen will be the X-Factor for Duke tomorrow night against Wisconsin.’ People on the side are looking at me (like), ‘What are you talking about?’ I said, ‘That’s the guy.’ So what happens? The next night, second half, Grayson Allen scores eight straight points to give Duke the lead, he ends up with 16, Tyus Jones ends up with 23 and they win the national title.”
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Valparaiso guard

“I think everybody’s just happy we got the win and are able to play in the finals on Thursday. That’s all we’re looking forward to right now.”
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GW coach

“He’s averaging over 20 points in the NIT. He gives us an inside-out threat. Both our bigs – Cavanaugh and (Kevin) Larsen – can handle the ball, so it takes some pressure off of our guards. We’re not the most athletic, quickest team in the world. San Diego State was so athletic, but we were able to spread them out by letting our big guys handle the ball.”
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HOLLIS PRICE – 3/30/16
Former Oklahoma guard

“I really think the X-factor for the team, though, is Jordan Woodard. When he’s on his game and he’s hitting his shots, it’s pretty hard to beat those guys. He does it all. He can get fouled, go to free throw line, knock down free throws and just put the other team in bad predicaments with his penetration. He just opens up the floor. And not to mention you got Isaiah Cousins on the floor as well. Khadeem Latin is showing that he’s a pretty good defender down low and finishing things and (Ryan) Spangler as well.”
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THE MIZ – 3/30/16
WWE wrestler

“That is something I don’t want to happen, so I’m going to give it to Triple H, even though Roman Reigns is a very viable opponent and is very strong and has been on a streak as of late. But when you’re going against Triple-H, you’ve got to be smarter than him. I don’t think very many people are as smart as him. That is why he’s the cerebral assassin.”
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Former Villanova forward

“He’s the guy who just kept the ’85 team and all the other players from Villanova connected to Villanova and invites us back and bends over backwards to make sure that we feel like we’re still a part of it and that we’re happy (and that we have) anything we need. He’s just an amazing guy. And you’ll find that throughout Villanova, just beautiful people. I’m sure – and obviously I’m a little biased – but I’m sure this is the year. It’s been 31 years since Villanova won a national championship, but this is the year.”
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