MMA fighter

“Definitely leaning towards it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high or talk about it too much, but (having spoken to) some of the recruiters and whatnot, it looks like a legitimate possibility. (It’s something) I’ve always wanted to do.”
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BOB STURM – 4/19/16
The Ticket in Dallas radio host

“I don’t know if this is their year, but this definitely is the first year that Dallas as a city is taking hockey seriously. There’s always going to be hockey nuts, but as far as the rank-and-file Dallas sports fan, I think finally hockey is back on their map and it makes for some real fun times again.”
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JASON COLE – 4/20/16
Bleacher Report NFL reporter

“You just can’t put those kind of resources in at your quarterback position, even on a team that’s going to be rebuilding. I just have a hard time believing (that’s what they’ll do).”
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MIKE STRAKA – 4/21/16
MMA Noise host

“If you listen to Conor’s side, he just didn’t want to come to Las Vegas or LA to do any promotion. He’s in Iceland with Gunnar Nelson, who’s a black belt. Gunnar Nelson trains in Iceland with his father, and his father is Conor’s former manager and they train together. They’re teammates. They’ve done this for years. But for Conor to stay in Iceland and not do the promotion, it’s so uncharacteristic. But it also tells you he’s afraid of Nate Diaz.”
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