BOB RYAN – 4/25/16
Boston Globe columnist

“There would have been a phone call from the league office saying, ‘We have found out you tampered with the inflation of the footballs. Our by-laws say that that is at least a $25,000 fine. Put the check in the mail and we’ll see you later.’ But it’s the Patriots.”
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RAY RATTO – 4/25/16 senior insider

“It’s going to be two weeks, plus there’s going to be some rust because he really hasn’t played a long stretch of a game since the end of a regular season. Plus, Carli Lloyd got the same injury within the last two days and she’s out for six weeks. So this is a guesstimate that it’s going to be two weeks. It’s going to be two weeks and then they will re-evaluate, so it could be closer to three or four. So it could be that big of a deal, especially if they play the Clippers, who always play them tough.”
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Raptors rookie guard

“It’s something that I dreamed of as a little kid, watching Kobe, watching Tracy McGrady and all those guys in those moments. I just wanted to be a part of that and make winning plays and have the crowd go crazy, have my teammates get hyped. I was just thinking about that. I knew it was going to be a big play.”
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DR. T.O. SOURYAL – 4/26/16
Sports orthopedic surgeon 

“Remember the Shaun Livingston disaster a few years ago when he slipped in some sweat going up for a lay-up and just completely tore up his knee? In the big scheme of things, a Grade 1 MCL sprain is pretty lucky.”
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MIKE MORREALE – 4/27/16 writer

“They were bringing it back to Florida (for Game 7). They were looking at a possible Florida series in the second round, but Tavares said, ‘No way, boys. Follow me. Follow my lead. We’re going to win this game.’ And they did.”
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