NHL Network analyst

“Going back in and just saying, ‘Just keep doing the same thing you did,’ I don’t think is a good answer. I think you got to give them a little bit more about, ‘If we just do this, let’s try and see if we can bust them.”
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MATT DEVLIN – 5/2/16
Raptors TV play-by-play announcer

“How is that going to keep DeMar DeRozan out of the paint, with the idea that Whiteside is going to be on the inside. Jonas has been very good in the pick and roll game as far as from the offensive standpoint.”
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SHAUN POWELL – 5/3/16 writer

“They just want to make sure that they get the green light from people who are qualified to give him the green light. Until then, they’re going to proceed cautiously.”
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CHAD DUKES – 5/4/16
Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“I don’t know if dirty is the right call, but it’s contested. You had hits to the back of the head, you had the Brooks Orpik suspension where Caps fans are losing it because they can’t believe (Kris) Letang didn’t get the same suspension.”
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NBC Sports NHL and horse racing expert

“He’s a perfect 7-for-7. He’s won pretty much in every way possible – on the lead, just off, coming from way out of it, winning out of post position. So for me, I do believe it’s Nyquist. If you can find some other horses to pair up with him, (it could work in your favor). If he happens to get beat and you get a nice longshot there, you can make some money on Saturday. I think there’s a little bit more speed in that race than people are talking about. I believe it’s going to be a quicker pace than a lot of the experts are talking about.”
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