Throughout the course of this season – and really, the last several seasons – Kevin Durant has never lost his approach to free agency. All he cares about is Oklahoma City. All he cares about is the game in front of him. All he cares about is helping the Thunder win a championship. He’s never talked about going home and playing in Washington D.C., he’s never talked about going to Golden State, he’s never talked about going to San Antonio – he’s never talked about going anywhere.

For Durant, it’s always been about Oklahoma City.

But will that always be the case? Will Durant leave the Thunder after this season? Or next season? Or at some point in the future?

“I’m going to set this up by kind of building on what you just said,” Oklahoma City Thunder television play-by-play announcer Brian Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “It’s not just the relationships that Kevin enjoys in the Thunder’s locker room and with the other people in the organization. It’s that kind of love affair that has been chronicled very, very well – and we saw it again (Sunday) night, the love affair between Kevin and the people of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. I have taken Kevin’s cue all year long. He has been all those things that you just said, just sort of resolute in focusing on what’s in front of him. Because what he said – and this is good enough for me – is if I begin to let anything filter in and take me away from what my goal is, which is to win a championship with the Oklahoma City Thunder, then I’m doing my team a disservice, I’m doing myself a disservice, I’m doing my fans a disservice.

“The bottom line is, what happens starting in July, that’s going to be handled by people with a lot more stripes on their sleeves than I have,” Davis continued. “So for me, the big ‘I don’t know right now’ is good enough. I just want to enjoy this moment.”

Davis enjoyed a lot of moments Sunday, as Durant scored 41 points in a 111-97 win over the Spurs in Game 4. Oklahoma City has won two of the last three games of the series, this after dropping Game 1 by 32 points. A pivotal Game 5 is Tuesday in San Antonio.

The Spurs still have home-court advantage, but if the Thunder can win in transition, they can win the series.

“There’s only a couple of guys on the Spurs’ roster that are under the age of 30,” Davis said. “I’ve thought for a couple of years that if you’re playing San Antonio, you’re not going to turn them over, but if you can get stops and run them a little bit and not allow them to get transition going in the other direction, you eventually sort of win that physical war of attrition. I think we saw that play out a little bit in the fourth quarter (Sunday) night (when the Thunder outscored the Spurs 34-16). You want to try to keep that going.”


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