Lightning TV play-by-play announcer

“He can make a tremendous play at the offensive end, and if something breaks down, he can somehow manage to be the first defender back. He’s just that controlling of the play on both ends of the ice. He did a marvelous job in holding off John Tavares from the score sheet in those four wins, and I think he’s ready for the next challenge.”
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BRIAN DAVIS – 5/9/16
Thunder TV play-by-play announcer

“I’ve thought for a couple of years that if you’re playing San Antonio, you’re not going to turn them over, but if you can get stops and run them a little bit and not allow them to get transition going in the other direction, you eventually sort of win that physical war of attrition. I think we saw that play out a little bit in the fourth quarter (Sunday) night (when the Thunder outscored the Spurs 34-16). You want to try to keep that going.”
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MIKE STRAKA – 5/10/16
MMA Noise host

“You know as well as I do that they’re very close to the vest with what they’re doing. It’s a private company. The only thing that I could actually say that might make this credible was they blew off Conor McGregor so easily for UFC 200. It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, you’re like a pimple on my butt right now, Conor. You have no idea what’s going on, so guess what? We don’t need you.’ That might be the only indication of this report having an inkling of credibility.”
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Raptors center

“Thank God we got the win, but more than anything, it’s just us being focused, staying focused, keeping our composure and going to Miami with the right mindset to close the series out. Tonight, everybody came and we played defensively as a team and offensively as a team and I think that was the key to our success tonight. But now we have to regroup, learn from our mistakes and try to go to Miami and get it done.”
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RANDY HAHN – 5/11/16
Sharks TV voice

“This is an opportunity year. No matter what happens (Thursday) night, one of those four teams, for sure, will have never won the Stanley Cup before – either Nashville or San Jose – (and will be playing) in the conference finals. So it’s a very interesting year in the NHL.”
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JOHN KELLY – 5/12/16
Blues TV play-by-play announcer

“Here’s a team that had won three Cups in six years. They knocked the Blues out of the playoffs two years ago after St. Louis had a 2-0 lead. They’re arch-rivals, as we know, and I never felt comfortable in Game 7 until the puck went out of the zone with three seconds left. That’s how much respect I have for Chicago. They just would not go away. But you’re right. That was a heck of a win against a team with a championship pedigree. Once they got by that hurdle, you sort of had a feeling this team could go deep and of course they found a way against Dallas.”
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