IAN HARRISON – 5/16/16
AP sportswriter

“It’s hard to sort of say with any certainty whether that will carry over in the Cleveland series, but certainly Raptors fans are hoping their two All-Stars continue to shoot the ball well.”
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MONTE POOLE – 5/17/16
CSN Bay Area Warriors insider

“When you have that guy getting 16 and 12, you’ve got a problem, especially when Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli aren’t giving you much. So that’s the guy they have to contain. It’s hard for me to believe I’m saying that, but Steven Adams is a guy the Warriors have to stop.”
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Showtime Sports Executive Vice President

“If you’re really a fan of the sport – whether you liked him personally or you didn’t like him personally – his fights were a spectacle and he’s one of the most skilled guys of our generation. So again, whether you liked his personality or you didn’t, skill-wise, you’ve got to be a little disappointed to see him retire – and retire when he still has so much of his sills left. So we’re doing everything we can to get him back. I don’t know how many zeroes are going to need to be on that check, but we’d love to see him back for at least a couple more fights.”
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Sports legal analyst

“If somebody’s going to threaten to take away their futures, they’re going to probably threaten those people behind the scenes. So yes, the victims initially come forward, but a lot of times they back out and the there’s just nothing that can be done.”
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MATT MOORE – 5/18/16
CBSSports.com NBA writer

“You had a lot of personalities that all went haywire – and management’s treatment of the players contributed to that to a large degree. He’s got great schemes, he’s got great ideas about how to play the game, he creates space – I think he’s a really good coach that was stuck in a bad situation with a locker room that deteriorated. I think in New York he can be very successful.”
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TED JOHNSON – 5/19/16
Houston Sports Radio 610 host

“The younger guys on the team see him slacking on defense, so they do the same thing. It just permeates throughout the whole team. He’s very disinterested. You can say he plays more minutes than anybody in the NBA. Yeah, so what? Honestly, they’re not efficient minutes and he doesn’t give it on both ends. You’ve got to be a complete player like a Kawhi Leonard, like a Jimmy Butler – just guys that play on both ends. Guys respect that. It’s all about defense. If you’re going to win championships, you’ve got to be a top 10 defense and it all starts with their leader. Their leader is James Harden. That is the alpha dog on this team. When he doesn’t want to play defense, none of the rest of the guys want to play defense, either.”
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