As facts continue to emerge from the Baylor sexual-assault scandal, Scott Ferrall can’t help but wonder one thing: How in the world did Ken Starr and Ian McCaw manage to maintain jobs at the university while Art Briles – a messiah in Waco – did not?

Starr was removed as president but will remain at the university as a chancellor and law school professor, while McCaw, the athletic director, was sanctioned and placed on probation. Briles, meanwhile, was fired after eight seasons, four of which resulted in 10+ wins, two of which resulted in Big 12 championships.

Ferrall doesn’t get it.

“Man, I don’t either,” “The Ticket” in Dallas host Donovan Lewis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “You’ve seen other universities (make more sweeping changes) when they have a scandal (that doesn’t involve anything as serious as) all of the sexual assaults that’s gone on at Baylor. They can have something as far as paying players and they just wipe the slate clean because they want to get out in front of some type of NCAA investigation.”

Starr and McCaw, for some reason, weren’t part of the slate-cleaning process.

“I’m not quite sure how those two guys survived and got reassigned,” Lewis said. “I guess you just have nowhere to put Art Briles – because if he’s not the head coach, what else is he going to do? You don’t want him teaching calculus or anything like that at the university. So they have to axe him. It surprises me altogether that Starr and McCaw survived and they’re still going to be employed by the university.”

In some ways, Baylor actually firing Briles was surprising, if not stunning. He turned a Division I doormat into a national power in less than a decade and had Baylor knocking on the College Football Playoff door. Now he’s gone.

Lewis, however, felt this was a move Baylor had to make.

“Baylor’s been the laughing stock of college football for 50 years before they hired Briles, and I thought they’d be the laughing stock of college football if they allowed him to be the coach this year,” Lewis said. “There’s no way they can have that happen. But I think if I’m Briles, I may absolutely cause a ruckus. I might put up a fight saying, ‘I’m the only one that got canned and the other two higher-ups in the administration got reassigned – and there’s no way they took pay cuts. So they’re sitting high on the hog just getting a slap on the wrist and I lost my job.’ So I don’t know if he’s going to go out with some noise or not.”


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