Warriors TV play-by-play announcer

“The Warriors are a quiet team. Bogut’s quiet, Iguodala’s quiet, Klay and Steph are pretty quiet. Draymond is the voice. He’s the dog. He calls himself the dog. He is heart over height. He has been doubted to the point where they win at Michigan State, he’s not even a first-round pick, (and people said) he’s always going to be a role player (and that) he’s undersized. Then he’s second in Defensive Player of the Year, make an All-Star, make an All-NBA team – he’s ready to fight the world. But the fight you don’t win are the technicals with the officials or flagrant fouls with the league. So you’re right: He’s on the verge of being suspended.”
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JOHN HARPER – 5/30/16
New York Daily News columnist

“MLB wants to suspend everybody for everything now. This is the top executive of a team barging into the radio booth while the game is going on and getting on the guy. MLB has got to do something about that.”
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KENNY ALBERT – 5/31/16
Westwood One NHL play-by-play announcer

“Despite what we saw (Monday) night, I still feel this will be a long series – six or seven games. Certainly far from over, but a great start from the Penguins. I hope we have a similar atmosphere (Wednesday) because (Monday) night was so much fun.”
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JARROD RUDOLPH – 5/31/16 NBA writer

“Look, it’s not about LeBron. LeBron will be LeBron, and we know he’s great. He’s just not the end-all, be-all to winning championships. I don’t want to say it’s a knock on his career, but when you talk about witnessing what’s been expected, he’s had a great run, he’s made a lot of money, he’s won two championships. But when you look at Kobe, Duncan, Mike, Magic, these guys, Bird has three. But when you look at these guys and how they controlled the championship, you had to go through them when they were winning. LeBron is not in this space.”
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Celtics legend

“Nobody picks them up. They wait for them to get down to the three-point line and then they pick them up. Nobody works them. Jerry West and Oscar Robertson used to have to fight to get every step up the floor. These guys just walk it up the floor, nobody bothers them and they’re not really put to a physical test.”
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BOB COSTAS – 6/2/16
Legendary sports broadcaster

“I know I could do a few more if I was inclined to and it seems like NBC would allow me to do that if that’s what I wanted to do, but I’m just taking it case by case. I don’t want to quit after people have begun to want me to quit. I don’t want someone to come put their arm around my shoulder and say, ‘You know, Bob, it was a really good run. Wouldn’t it appeal to you to just be sitting under a tree sipping a margarita someplace? We’ve got it from here, pal. Thanks for everything.’ I will leave before there is a groundswell of support for my leaving, let’s put it that way. And I’ll do it on my own terms, I hope.”
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