SiriusXM NBA radio host

“Let me ask you this: What happened to Tyronn Lue holding LeBron accountable? We’re not hearing those stories anymore after games. How about a happy locker room because David Blatt’s not around? Some of the stuff they floated out there was such nonsense during the season, and in a lot of ways what they’re going through, what they’re experiencing, getting their pumpkins punched – it’s karma, my man.”
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DAN ROSEN – 6/7/16 senior writer

“It’s not a wrong choice to pick Phil Kessel. It’s not wrong. But I just look at it and I say, ‘Who has been the most impactful player in all areas of the ice?’ It’s not like Kessel is blowing Crosby out in points. He’s got, what, maybe for more points than Sid has?”
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RICK HORROW – 6/7/16
Sports Business Insider

“That was one thing. The other thing about him is it’s rap combined with promotion. He made (Howard) Cosell, (Howard) Cosell made him. But the bottom line is, vaudeville in sports and rap – you got credit it to him.”
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HOF trainer

“It was a little bit odd, but he’s okay. He’s very polite, he’s very quiet, he’s always very nice to me. Then he came to the gym once when I was in Russia and he wanted to see some of the pros sparring downstairs in my private gym, so I said, ’Let him in.’ They took him down there and he was very respectful.”
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BOB ARUM – 6/8/16
Boxing promoter

“If we had been allowed to give Manny Pacquiao that shot, that shoulder wouldn’t have broken down after the sixth round, and Manny would have won that fight.”
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JIM BARNETT – 6/9/16
Warriors TV analyst

“I don’t quite get it. Oklahoma City’s defense was smothering at first. They got blown out in Games 3 and 4. We can pick all this apart and I can’t put a finger on it. Klay’s there. He just wasn’t hitting (in Game 3). He got into the groove a little bit later on, but I expect him to have a big game here. He’s had a great playoffs this year. He was averaging 24, 25 points a game coming into this Finals series. He didn’t play well in the Finals last year and he knows that. He’s real hard on himself. But I believe in him. I just think that you’ve got to meet that kind of defensive pressure on you and you’ve got to be ready for it and you’ve got to react to it and you’ve got to find some way different. You’ve got to keep them off guard. You can’t be predictable.”
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