WBO junior welterweight champion

“A lot of people believe that it shouldn’t be on Pay Per View right now because of the publicity that me and Postol both get. They don’t feel like we both are household names, but like I say, why not pay for the best versus the best in the division?”
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CHUCK D – 6/14/16
Legendary rapper

“I’m old enough to remember 1968 as a kid: Dr. King getting shot, the convention rallies, the Mexico City Olympic protests, being personally part of a school strike – they had us out of school half the year in New York. So that was a crazy year for me as a kid. Looking back, they say that was a turbulent year. 2016 seems to be as weird, especially when you got all that stuff spewing from the top trying to run for political office. The rest of the world is doing STDH: shaking their damn head.”
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DAVID DUSEK – 6/15/16
Golf Week senior writer

“I’m into winning money when I make my crummy bets, and Phil Mickelson – the birthday boy who turns 46 (on Thursday) – he’s going to pull the most Phil Mickelson move ever and just when you least expect it, Phil Mickelson is going to once again capture glory. I’m telling you now that’s going to happen.”
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CBSSports.com soccer writer

“He’s just a guy who’s stepped up big. Without him in this tournament, the U.S. is out in the group stage. They’re done. With him, they’re through to the semifinals and playing the No. 1 team in the world, likely. It’s just a great moment for U.S. soccer, a great victory – one of the best victories they’ve had ever.”
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