ANDY BASKIN – 6/20/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“The other thing is, people were ripping the East left and right. You may still think the West is a stronger conference, but the Cavaliers had a great record against the West, and I think they proved themselves. I think they proved the East to be a little bit better than maybe what everyone else was saying.”
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TONY HAWK – 6/21/16
Skateboarding legend

“Obviously it hits differently to everyone, but it’s just been so hard to watch someone you love really lose themselves. They don’t have a sense of self. She cant really communicate either, so it’s hard for her to convey anything. We just kind of sit with her and try to remember her as best we can. It’s more just about being there than anything else.”
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Fox Sports soccer analyst

“It’s a good compliment. I admire my colleagues. I think that Rob (Stone) and Alexi (Lalas) and Stu (Holden) and (Eric) Wynalda and Aly Wagner, they’re great partners and they bring something different. I don’t want to be them. They don’t want to be me. They are analysts, I’m more of a fan, and it works. It works.”
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Wall Street Journal NBA writer

“You look back to certain games last year, and there were games where Porzingis wasn’t thick enough as a player to take that responsibility. He’s trying to put on weight, trying to lift and get stronger so that he can better take that role this year, but I don’t know if that happens over a single summer. I also don’t know if it happens going from age 20 to 21. It’s probably something that better happens 24 to 25, 25 to 26 or 27. So that process probably takes awhile.”
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GAVIN MALOOF – 6/22/16
Las Vegas NHL minority owner

“Later on, the arena became a reality and we saw the plans. We went to Bill and we met in Montana at his ranch and we said, ‘Hey, we think that Las Vegas would be great for a hockey team. There’s never been a team here. People are dying for sports. They’re sports enthusiasts.’”
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SEAN GRANDE – 6/23/16
Celtics voice

“Fans, throughout the course of the last couple of days, have either been led to believe or have talked themselves into Kris Dunn. And I think that was the safest bet to me. I had really fallen in love with Kris Dunn the player, just watching him (play at) Providence in the Northeast last year and seeing him more.”
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BRIAN GELTZEILER – 6/23/16 and SiriusXM NBA radio host

“I don’t claim to be a psych major, but I do think that sometimes you can look at a guy’s body language and get an indication how they feel and where they’re at. When it came to Durant’s body language in the playoffs, he was all-in on that team and all-in with those guys and believed in them. Now you upgrade the talent level with he coach you have in Billy Donovan – the Thunder are dangerous. They’re scary.”
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