KURT HELIN – 6/27/16
NBCSports.com ProBasketballTalk writer

“Spain has been the next-best team (for several years). They’ve gotten old. Canada can be really good in a couple years, but they’re not there yet. We’re just so deep and the rest of the world has slid back. France has to qualify, but if France qualifies, they might be the second-best team, and some of the Eastern European teams have really nice Euro players. But we could have won easily the silver and gold if we formed two teams and the bronze if we formed three.”
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JOHN HARPER – 6/27/16
New York Daily News MLB columnist

“Some guys in these situations might read a statement, they might look they’ve been coached and kind of stay on message with certain things. I thought he handled it off the cuff and as forthrightly as you would want a guy in that situation. It seemed to be genuine. Obviously he’s going to say certain things because he wants to play and restore his image and all that stuff, and so you’re never sure. But as far as you can tell, I thought he came off well. He handled things the right way.”
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DAN ROSEN – 6/29/16
NHL.com senior writer

“That Subban/Weber deal came out of total left field and it’s massive. I think it’s the biggest news of the day in the NHL, and I think it’s a huge win for the Nashville Predators. That’s not to slight Shea Weber and what he’s done in Nashville and what he has the potential to do in Montreal. I just think Nashville is primed and ready for a superstar in hockey the likes of P.K. Subban. It’s a city that embraces its stars, especially stars who have crossover appeal. It’s an entertainment-(driven), electrifying city that’s on the rise. It’s becoming a destination city, and he’s a destination player. He will put fannies in the seats and then he will make them come out of their seats with the stuff he can do on the ice. He’s an excellent player, he produces, and he’s a Norris Trophy winner.”
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SHAUN POWELL – 6/30/16
NBA.com writer

“Anything you’re hearing, that’s not coming from his confidantes. There’s a reason why they’re confidantes. But look, I think people would be pretty surprised if he did anything but sign a one-year deal and return to Oklahoma City.”
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JASON COLE – 6/30/16
Bleacher Report NFL writer

“TMZ, it should be called JM. I think that they’re fronting all the cash for the cars and for the houses and probably for the drugs, too. I’m being facetious, but he shows up on TMZ like every third day. This is a partnership. It’s a partnership agreement.”
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