After a 36 percent drop in television ratings for the College Football Playoffs, the powers that be may want to rethink this whole New Year’s Eve idea – and as it turns out, they are.

When will we see the playoffs back on New Year’s Day?

“I think 2018 probably,” CBS Sports college football insider Jerry Hinnen said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “We know who pulls the strings here. It’s television. They tried. They put up a good fight, Bill Hancock and the rest of the College Football Playoffs. It was a good idea. (Their thinking was), ‘Let’s make it a tradition. We won’t just do New Year’s Day; we’ll make it New Year’s Eve, too. It’s going to be a 48-hour festival of awesome college football.’ It sounded great. It looked great on paper. I enjoyed it. But I am in the top 0.3 percent, I think, of hardcore college football guys. I don’t care when they play it. They can play it at 2 a.m. in July. I’m going to be up and I’m going to be watching it. But I know so many other people, they just aren’t down for New Year’s Eve. They’ve got things to do. I get it, you get it, and clearly the people who run college football television get it. The ratings were not there. They’re spending too much money, especially now. We all know ESPN has had some issues with their subscriber base. This is too valuable of a property to not get everything they can out of it. I think we might see one more New Year’s Eve set of college football games, but if so, that’s going to be the last one. I can’t imagine four years from now we’re going to see those games on New Year’s Eve again.”

In other news, Baylor has hired Missouri athletic director Mack Rhoades to the same position.

As bad as things are at Baylor, could they actually be worse at Missouri?

“It’s a head-scratcher,” Hinnen said. “Mack Rhoades, he hires Barry Odom this past offseason and then minutes – literally minutes – before Barry Odom is about to get in front of the media at SEC Media days, this news leaks that he’s off to Baylor. Poor Barry Odom is up there, he’s hoping to talk about his team and how great his players are, it’s his first SEC Media days, and all he gets to talk about is how his athletic director – the guy who hired him – is off to Baylor. This looks, on the outside, like a complete disaster for Missouri. We are talking about a university right now with an interim chancellor, an interim president, they now have an interim athletic director, and I think ultimately that lack of leadership is why you might have seen Mack Rhoades make this move. Also, he’s a Texas guy. Maybe he wanted to get a little closer to home. But it’s still an absolute head-scratcher.”


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