Boston Herald Red Sox beat writer

“He’s barely running. If you watched much of the Yankees’ series, he’s really not running that hard anymore – and he can’t. I’m not surprised that he’s putting up the numbers because hitting is a game of knowledge and experience. Nothing that David Ortiz does surprises me anymore. People will say what they want about him and look back at the testing that his name was supposedly on in 2003. But nothing this guy does surprises me. I think he’s a Hall of Famer and he’s having a Hall of Fame last season right now.”
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BRIAN KATREK – 7/19/16
PGA Radio host

“Because you had the British Open three weeks later and then the PGA Championship two weeks after that. You’d have to just be really lucky that that date that opened up for you to start playing rounds of golf and getting ready would have to have fallen in the exact window. Why couldn’t it have fallen there? Well, you’ve got to be more ready for the majors than you do for anything else. It wasn’t like there was going to be room for a warm-up start in there.”
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USA Today MLB writer

“You figure he’s going to be out until at least mid-August, if not longer. The Dodgers can make all the moves they want, things can go right, but if they don’t have Clayton Kershaw, they’re done. They can’t survive without that guy.”
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USA Today college football writer

“I think Houston makes a ton of sense. They’re basically ready to go as a program that could (compete in football). All these programs with the exception of BYU are kind of going to have to be programs you sort of grow into being a Power 5 football program. Houston is the one that’s maybe most ready to grow and least likely to get selected because they’re in Houston. They don’t want to dilute the recruiting base by lifting a school into rival status. If you looked at Houston and said, ‘They’re basically Cincinnati,’ they may be more likely to take Cincinnati. I’m not making that case. I’m saying if somebody wanted to make that case, Houston’s got to overcome the fact that Texas and Texas Tech and Baylor and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and all these schools that recruit the state of Texas and recruit Houston don’t want to lift the University of Houston into a rival status in recruiting.”
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HoopsCritic.com founder

“The North Carolina legislature wanted to stare the NBA down and Adam Silver doesn’t bluff. If Adam Silver tells you he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it. He took the job in February of ’14. in April of ’14, the Donald Sterling turd burger fell in his lap, and by August ’14, Donald Sterling had his face pressed up against the glass when it came to the NBA. Adam Silver don’t mess, bro.”
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KNX Los Angeles host

“I find (the lack of positivity) real interesting. The Dodgers have had so many injuries. Even today, Yasiel Puig pulls his right hamstring in that game against Washington. It just seems it’s raining injuries all over this team. So I find it very interesting what’s going to be happening in the next 10 days, as you and Dodger fans are. Because Andrew Friedman and his group have a lot of decisions to make.”
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