Clayton Kershaw has not pitched since June 26, and it is unclear when he will pitch again. The three-time Cy Young winner is on the disabled list with a herniated disc that may or may not require surgery.

But if it does require surgery, Kershaw, who is 11-2 with a 1.79 ERA and 0.73, is likely done for the year.

“I think you could sum it up in one word: Oy,” KNX Los Angeles host Randy Kerdoon said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “Let me tell you: This guy, if he is out and he is out for an extended period of time, the Dodgers (are in trouble). It’s amazing they are where they are. Kershaw went out recently, the Dodgers have cobbled together some wins here and there, they’ve gone on a road trip, they’ve managed to play a little better than .500 ball. But the fact that this team is still the No. 1 Wild Card team in the National League, you just have to hand it to the team for pulling together. At one point earlier this season, it was basically if Kershaw wasn’t pitching, you couldn’t get anybody healthy in the rotation for very long because the guys were dropping like flies due to injuries. That’s the big question. Everybody here is kind of holding their breath to see if Clayton Kershaw’s injury is going to stick around for a little while – because if it is, you got to be thinking (that) with the trade deadline coming up, that’s going to pretty much decide what the Dodgers are going to do.”

The Dodgers (54-43) have found a way to stay relevant. They trail the Giants (57-38) by four games in the NL West and lead Miami (52-43) and St. Louis (51-44) in the Wild Card. If Kershaw is going to miss the rest of the season – and even if he doesn’t – the Dodgers need to get another arm before the trade deadline. That arm, according to reports, might be Chris Archer, who is 5-13 with a 4.60 ERA and 1.39 WHIP this season.

“That seems to be the prevailing thought,” Kerdoon said. “Archer’s name has been tossed around. (There’s) even some very optimistic thought that Chris Sale of the White Sox has been tossed around. Sonny Gray’s name comes up. There’s a lot of guys that the Dodgers could go for. The interesting thing is, especially with Archer’s numbers – he’s having not such a great year this year, but they figure in a National League park it’s going to get much better for him because it’s more pitching-friendly. You take a look at so many guys the Dodgers have money-wise that they’re going to be paying next year. You still have Brandon McCarthy. You have Hyun-Jin Ryu. He’s going to be under contract. Scott Kazmir, Kenta Maeda – these are guys the Dodgers are still going to be under contract for for at least next season. They’ve got to figure out where their situation is. Are they serious about moving ahead? If they are, then you maybe make a move for a Chris Archer. Maybe you try and get that with the hope that Kershaw can come back later on.”

But what if he can’t?

“If Kershaw is done for the year as the Dodgers are sitting in the Wild Card, a lot of people here are saying, ‘Well, wait a minute. If Kershaw is done, we’re pretty much done. You might as well pack it in,’” Kerdoon said. “I find (the lack of positivity) real interesting. The Dodgers have had so many injuries. Even today, Yasiel Puig pulls his right hamstring in that game against Washington. It just seems it’s raining injuries all over this team. So I find it very interesting what’s going to be happening in the next 10 days, as you and Dodger fans are. Because Andrew Friedman and his group have a lot of decisions to make.”


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