EDDIE TRUNK – 7/25/16
Rock DJ

“We didn’t know if he was going to make it. It was one of the reasons why I was going bonkers when they kept snubbing him for the Hall. I was like, if they keep snubbing him and his dad isn’t with us to be able to see his son have that moment, it would have been just horrendous. But thankfully his dad started to make a good recovery and was able to be there and watch that incredibly powerful speech and moment.”
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DAVID LENNON – 7/25/16
Newsday MLB columnist

“This is a team that wants to rebuild its farm system, wants to have chips maybe to have other deals down the line, and Chapman was a luxury. They have plenty in the back end of the bullpen if they want to keep it going with (Andrew) Miller and (Dellin) Betances. A week ago if you asked me, I would have said they should keep Miller, but the way this market is right now, I think they should move him – because they’re going to make another killing if they move Miller now to a team like the Nationals.”
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JARED DUBIN – 7/26/16
CBSSports.com NBA writer

“He always worked as hard as anybody around there and kept himself in ridiculous shape. He was always great with the media, whether it was in the locker room or coming on shows like yours. He was a guy that really, really loved playing in New York and obviously wanted to be there very badly. His best years did come in Phoenix, but like he said in his statement, New York was closer to his heart.”
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BRUCE LEVINE – 7/26/16
Cubs and White Sox writer

“The guys, with all due respect to them, that were on the mound before this, you didn’t envision it. But with Chapman, the Giants, Mark Shapiro with Toronto, Mike Rizzo of Washington, they all envisioned their team in the World Series with Chapman on the mound in Game 7 throwing 105. That’s what the Cubs did here.”
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WFAN Jets reporter

“On paper or based on his performance, his career track record, is he a $12 million player? Probably not. But you’re right. In this day and age when you are a starting quarterback and you start 15 of the 16 games games – because he got hurt in that Raider game – and you throw 31 touchdowns and your team wins 10 games, you’re going to get paid. I think that ultimately this is what made the most sense for both sides. They wanted each other (but) couldn’t come to an agreement on a long-term contract.”
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Dallas Fort Worth Star-Telegram Cowboys beat writer

“When you look at what he can do and what he can bring to this offense – and certainly everybody likes what DeMarco Murray did a couple years ago, but he is a bigger threat than DeMarco Murray because he can take it to the house, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, he can get the tough yards, he can do everything. He’s a true workhorse bell-cow type back, and behind this Cowboys offensive line with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant on the outside where (defenses) have to respect Dez Bryant and maybe not be able to put nine or 10 men in the box, they think this guy can do damage and have a huge season as a rookie.”
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Bleacher Report MLB writer

“Adam Wainwright has had a great month after not pitching as well before. They have (pitching prospect Alex) Reyes in the minor leagues who everyone raves about who could come up and be a factor. I know the Cardinals have talent. But I would also say that if I were the Cubs, I wouldn’t be worried. I’d think I was (in pretty good position).”
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DAVID DUSEK – 7/28/16
Golfweek senior writer

“He needed 35 putts to get a round in. He made nothing. If you add up all the putts, his average make was about two feet. The longest putt he made was a 6-footer. He made nothing. I don’t care how good your ball-striking is. If you cant make a putt longer than six feet, you’re not going to do really well. His putting has been very erratic. He’s still one of the best drivers of the ball out there, but right now, there are so many guys who, week in and week out, are playing at a high level. I think Rory has got this chip on his shoulder, like he feels like he should be the No. 1 player in the world. He has made it very clear that’s what he plays for: win majors and be the world No. 1. And right now, he has not had it.”
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