Six months later, it’s still hard to believe that the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50. After all, the Panthers entered the game 17-1 and were nearly a touchdown favorite.

Denver won 24-10, holding Carolina to a season-low in points.

“Honestly, I think it surprised most people,” Denver’s 760 AM mid-day co-host Dave Logan said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “I really do. I think that when you look at the kind of year that Carolina had and how dominant they were and Cam Newton (was) the MVP, great defense, really good running attack – I don’t think most people saw that coming. But the Broncos played their best two games defensively in the last two games of the season: the AFC Championship game against the Patriots, where they completely disrupted a really good offense with Tom Brady, and then in the Super Bowl. The Broncos offense had the fewest yards in the history of the Super Bowl for a winning team, and yet, they win by double digits. So it was an outstanding performance defensively for sure.”

Logan, the longtime broadcaster who played for the Broncos in the 1980s, was given a Super Bowl ring.

“I got one this time and I about fell over,” the 62-year-old said. I did not get one for Super Bowls XXXII or XXXIII, but the Broncos were really kind. Joe Ellis, the president and CEO called me and I went down and got fitted. So even though as a player I never got close to one, I’ve got a players’ ring now with my name, and you know what? It’s a pretty cool thing. It was really special. It really was. I did not expect it. It was cool. It’s the same ring the players got, which, ironically is worth more than I made in my first year in the league, which was $30,000. So I’m walking out of there feeling pretty good about it.”

He’s also feeling good about the Broncos signing Von Miller, who, after a long standoff, signed a six-year, $114.5 million deal that includes $70 million guaranteed.

“It’s one of the few times in my lifetime that I’ve seen a player have leverage in negotiating with his NFL team,” Logan said. “He had such a superior postseason and the last two games – Von Miller had 11 sacks in 16 games. It’s a nice total, but it’s not a $70 million total. Then he played well against Pittsburgh, then he wrecked New England and he wrecked Carolina and he’s the MVP and he’s on Dancing with the Stars and he’s doing everything.”

Indeed, Miller, 27, was a one-man wrecking crew against the Patriots and Panthers, combining for 5.0 sacks, one interception and two forced fumbles.

“The thing that happened that really changed the landscape completely – the Broncos offered him a $38 million guarantee initially and then said, ‘You got a week to sign this. If you don’t, it’s off the table,’” Logan explained. “Well, then within that week, Fletcher Cox signed a deal with the Eagles and got $63 million guaranteed. Well, the price broker just went up and the Broncos could not afford to let this guy sit out, and I absolutely believe had they not got the deal done, Von Miller would not have played this year.”


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