Pittsburgh 93.7 The Fan host

The Pirates have built up some equity with their fans after 20 miserable years, making the playoffs the last three seasons. Even though they haven’t advanced in the postseason, (just making the playoffs) changed a lot of the attitudes here in Pittsburgh. But this is the type of trade – the Francisco Liriano trade that they made with literally one minute to go before the 4 o’clock deadline – this is the type of trade that I think has stigmatized the Pirates over the years and really feeds into the stereotype that they’re an organization that thinks money first and winning second. They’ve done a lot over the last few years to do their best to have that feeling maybe evaporate or go away. But a lot of those residual ill feelings toward this team really came to the forefront with this trade.”
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“One is cheating in sports, doping. But that didn’t make him unique. The part that made him unique – and he said this out loud in my class – he said his colleagues, people that supported him, reporters, he threw people under the bus. I think a lot of the anger at Armstrong is not just that he cheated in sport – because most cyclists in that era were cheating exactly like he was; it’s just that he was not a good person.”
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Orange County Register Rams beat writer

“You know as well as anybody. I mean, a 22-year wait – I think a lot of people had given up, frankly. A lot of football fans had just thought, ‘You know what? It’s just never going to happen. They’re just going to keep teasing us. They’re just going to keep pretending that they’re interested in L.A., and nothing’s ever going to happen.”
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DAVE LOGAN – 8/3/16
Denver 760AM host

“He had such a superior postseason and the last two games – Von Miller had 11 sacks in 16 games. It’s a nice total, but it’s not a $70 million total. Then he played well against Pittsburgh, then he wrecked New England and he wrecked Carolina and he’s the MVP and he’s on Dancing with the Stars and he’s doing everything.”
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