BILL HUBER – 8/8/16 writer

“He might throw five touchdowns, or he might throw four picks. You never knew. I think people loved him so much (because he played like we would). You would just throw the ball over the yard and you would celebrate like crazy with your teammates. You would just play with this devil-may-care attitude, and I think that’s why people embraced him so much. That’s how I would play if we had talents like that. I think there were so many things working to make Favre who he was, just this icon of football.”
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Bleacher Report MLB writer

“But I think Alex Rodriguez took more from the game of baseball than he gave, which I think is kind of a sad legacy. You’d like to discuss him as one of the all-time greats – and he was one of the all-time great hitters. But he not only went into the steroid pool once, but twice, at least. . . . He leaves one of the most complicated legacies of any player ever.”
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BEN VOLIN – 8/9/16
Boston Globe NFL writer

“When you tear your triceps, you can either tear the muscle or the tendon. If you tear the tendon, you got to have surgery, you’re going to be out four to six months – it probably would have cost Ninkovich the season. He just tore the muscle this time. So no surgery, and he’ll be back maybe by early October, mid-October.”
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SEAN ROMAN – 8/9/16
Legal analyst

“They petitioned to the entire court, which is 12 judges who work in the entire federal circuit system in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and they came down against the sports wagering 10-2. So that’s pretty much a mandate.”
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RAY RATTO – 8/10/16 columnist

“Chicago, they’re fine. Washington is fine. Every team after that, you just kind of cringe. The Dodgers have a million guys on the disabled list. Miami is not to be trusted. St. Louis, their longest winning streak of the year seems like it was two games. Pittsburgh is treading water, the Mets are treading water, and everything after that is rampant mediocrity.”
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San Diego Union-Tribune Chargers writer

“I don’t know. I think this thing could last until September. How deep into September, I don’t know. It could get done this month. That’s probably what Vegas would have it, if they were a betting man on this. But yes, this thing should get done by Sept. 11, you would think. But even then, if he is unsigned until, say, Sept. 3, eight days might not be enough to get him in football shape and ready to contribute and play meaningful snap against the Chiefs in Kansas City.”
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PETE CALDERA – 8/11/16
Bergen Record Yankees beat writer

“The whole lightning rod thing, that certainly applies to him right up until the end. I guess it could have been slightly less of a circus. It’s a strange time of the year to be doing this because it’s not September. It’s not like when Pettitte or Jeter or Mariano left the Yankees late in season and in seasons when the games didn’t matter to them. I believe Joe Girardi when he says he’s still trying to win – and look, they took two out of three from the Red Sox.”
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