Art Briles, who was fired in May amid a sexual-assault scandal at Baylor, continues to maintain his innocence. The 60-year-old Briles said Tuesday that he has never “done anything illegal, immoral, (or) unethical.” He also said that he will coach in 2017 and claims to have already been contacted about potential jobs.

What should we make of this?

“I would be surprised to see him get a high-profile job anytime soon,” college football writer Jon Solomon said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “(Or) at the very least until we possibly get some more information about what exactly was his involvement or what was not his involvement at Baylor. He continues to deny that really he did anything wrong. There’s been no specifics really that Baylor has put out except for the fact that they fired him and that it was a mess and he was the CEO and there was cover-up of sexual assaults by multiple people on his staff. He’s the CEO, but he seems to be in denial a little bit and believes that he’s going to be able to get a pretty high-profile job this offseason. I would just be shocked if that happened.”

Steve Sarkisian, another high-profile coach who was fired last year, apparently wants to coach again, too. Sarkisian, 42, was fired by USC last October for alcohol abuse. He is now a college football analyst for Fox Sports 1 but would like to be back on a sideline at some point in the near future.

“I think it’s maybe more likely for him to return than Art Briles, at least in the short term,” Solomon said. “Hopefully he’s taken care of himself. Hopefully the rehab has helped him and he’s not going to go down that path again. There will have to be some serious, serious questions for any school that does choose to try to hire Sark. But at least more of his issues were self-inflicted on himself. Now it ended up hurting the program as a whole because they had to move on, but Art Briles was in charge of the program that Baylor ended up finding out really did some harmful things to women and to the safety of people on campus.”


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