MARC HOCHMAN – 8/15/16
WQAM host

“Ichiro is not even an everyday player, really, and now you got a 42-year-old guy who’s being forced into everyday player duty. It’s rough right now now because it’s a really good season for the Marlins, but I’m having a difficult time being a buyer on them making it into the Wild Card.”
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MATT CALKINS – 8/15/16
Seattle Times columnist

“Felix Hernandez (7-4, 3.34 ERA) hasn’t been himself for most of the year. Some speculate whether he’ll ever be the same. That velocity is dipping. Guys like Taijuan Walker have been sent down to the minor leagues. He was supposed to have a breakout year this year. So that’s still the one thing people are looking at. If they fall off the map a little bit, it’s probably because of their pitching, but so far, they’ve just been riding this magic streak. I don’t know if they can last another 45 games, but it’s been entertaining so far.”
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JON SOLOMON – 8/16/16 college football writer

“Hopefully he’s taken care of himself. Hopefully the rehab has helped him and he’s not going to go down that path again. There will have to be some serious, serious questions for any school that does choose to try to hire Sark. But at least more of his issues were self-inflicted on himself. Now it ended up hurting the program as a whole because they had to move on, but Art Briles was in charge of the program that Baylor ended up finding out really did some harmful things to women and to the safety of people on campus.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“If you haven’t caught on that they’re one of the best franchises in the league, you’re not paying much attention. They look good. I got to see kind of the ying and the yang. There’s not that many complete teams in this league, to me. There’s maybe three to five teams that you could make a case are really truly above average and pretty good on offense and defense and special teams – and to me, this is one of them.”
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MARK ZINNO – 8/17/16
Atlanta 92.9 radio host

“They’re not expected to win a lot of ball games. There’s very little pressure on the kid. So give him an opportunity, let him grow, let him learn. Yes, there’s a lot of expectations on him given everything that he was and everything that he is as far as the No. 1 overall pick is concerned. But this is a very good spot for him to just kind of get a taste of major league life, get adjusted to the way things go so next year – when Opening Day comes and they’re in a new ball park and there are some expectations maybe with all the youth that this team has brought together – that (he’s) not so overwhelmed by them.”
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MARC RAIMONDI – 8/17/16 assistant editor

“This is what we watch them do every time they go out and they compete. The sport is literally cage fighting. We can’t dumb it down. We can’t sugarcoat it. It’s cage fighting. So if a guy is going to go on the air and cuss a little bit, is it really any worse than punching another guy or kicking another guy in the face? I don’t think so.”
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MATT SNYDER – 8/18/16 MLB writer

“But the thing about that is most guys in the minors don’t take that long. They don’t start becoming a human rain delay until they get in the bigs and they think they’re a big deal. Then they start overthinking everything and analyzing everything in their head. But I know when they started in the Arizona Fall League, pretty much all the returns were positive. It didn’t really affect the pitchers much, it made things go a lot faster, and it was more fun for the fans in between pitches because there wasn’t that much time. I think that eventually it’s going to be great.”
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