MIKE VOREL – 8/22/16
South Bend Tribune Notre Dame football reporter

“If these felonies end up sticking and he gets charged with felonies, he’ll likely be dismissed from the university as a whole. So he hasn’t been formally charged at this point, but it seems like that’s coming in the next couple days, and if so, he’s going to be off the team and perhaps out of the university.”
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JOHN HARPER – 8/22/16
New York Daily News reporter

“I had never seen that side of him. He’s always been a guy that seemed to have a great heart – and he does have a great heart. But we ran a letter from his former girlfriend that she wrote to Gooden. She, in the letter, explained how he turns into a different person when he’s doing cocaine. She said it, too. He’ll lock himself in the bedroom or the bathroom for days at a time, which is unfathomable.”
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DARYL RUITER – 8/23/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan Browns reporter

“They publicly say that they’re not fielding any offers. When the phone rings, they’re basically hanging up. My view on the whole situation is you’ve come this far to stand by this guy. You could have cut bait with him a long time ago, and after watching him in a couple of practices here in training camp since he’s gotten healthy, ride it out and see what you get come Week 5 when you can get him on the football field. Because if you pair him up with the likes of Terrelle Pryor, their first-round pick, Corey Coleman, and veteran Andrew Hawkins, and all of a sudden RG3 has some weapons offensively to play with.”
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DC’s 106.7 The Fan Redskins reporter

“The Redskins have got a guy who’s embracing – or trying to learn to embrace – that, that when he says things, it’s going to blow up nationally, that you can’t just attack the commissioner of the league and not have people take notice. And yet, at the same time on the field, he is the last guy off the field pretty much every day. He was throughout training camp. He’s clearly a guy who’s put in the work to get where he is. Coaches, teammates generally are supportive of him. They don’t come at him. They don’t think he’s being a distraction or anything like that. And his play obviously this season will tell the story of whether he lives up to that massive contract the Redskins signed with him.”
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FRANK SCHWAB – 8/24/16
Yahoo! Sports NFL writer

“I don’t care about this contract situation. Somebody is going to say, ‘Heck yeah, I’ll take Joey Bosa 15th overall.’ The Chargers lose a No. 3 overall pick. So I don’t think Bosa really loses anything here. I think the Chargers are the side that have everything to lose here. You can’t just get the third pick and let him go without ever signing him. Something’s got to give here, and I don’t know who’s going budge.”
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MIKE YAM – 8/24/16
Pac-12 Network studio host

“This has been a major issue that I’ve had based off of last season. You’re not going to be able to find a guy that was more dynamic than McCaffrey. No disrespect to the guys that were in that field, but just based off of the numbers alone, that was good enough for him to win it. And then if you go and look at the production – it is a travesty that 16 percent of the Heisman voters cast their vote before the Pac 12 Championship Game. He went and put a show on in the title game.”
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JOHN HANSEN – 8/25/16
FantasyGuru.com analyst

“I’ve never seen the wideouts fly off the board like they are now. I’m not all about (using your) first three or four picks at wide receiver. I like to balance it out, so ideally you’re focusing on wide receiver (and addressing) running back. Let’s go two nice backs with your first six picks. Hold off a little bit on your quarterback. Even a Drew Brees is perfectly fine in the sixth round. I’m not a big Gronk guy. I think whenever you draft Gronk in a tougher league, you have a deficiency elsewhere. So I like holding off on the tight end as well, so you’re focusing on the wide receivers and the running backs – mainly the wideouts. Get some value for your quarterback and tight end, and if you draft good players, you’ll be in the running.”
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CHRIS CWIK – 8/25/16
Yahoo! Sports MLB writer

“The thing with him was health. As long as they can get him on the mound, I’m buying what he’s done over the past maybe 19 starts. I think you have to buy it a little bit at this point. So I like him as a solid No. 2 if they can get Kershaw back. I think that gives them a nice little 1-2 punch if they were to get in the postseason.”
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