USA Today college football writer

“The thing that was most impressive about them is they were more physical than Oklahoma. I don’t know if you would look at that game and say Houston wins seven out of 10, but you might say they win five out of 10, and who was going to say that before? On that day, they just manhandled Oklahoma. Oklahoma made some mistakes and made it a little bit easier, but Houston, that game easily could have been 17 and not 10. So it was a really impressive display by the Cougars.”
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USA Today MLB writer

“These guys are young, too. This Dodger team is only going to get better as the years go on, but it’s amazing what they’ve done, and with everything that’s been thrown his way, David Roberts has really handled it well. If the season ended tomorrow, I think Dave Roberts would probably be the Manager of the Year winner.”
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The Advocate LSU writer

“Certainly there’s still a long season to go, but the team I think a lot of people saw out there Saturday you wouldn’t think is a team that’s going to end up somehow winning the rest of the games or even just losing one or two. So you get the feeling already that it’s moving in the direction of a drama-filled November like it was last year where Les’ job is very much in doubt.”
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KEVIN LYNCH – 9/6/16 49ers writer

“It’s so stunning to me. He’s the most affable, good guy. He’s one of the very few athletes I’ve ever seen who will come up to you and say, ‘Hey, how you doing?’ No one ever does that as an athlete. They’re all too narcissistic. But he always did that. He was constantly doing that. You know what I got to think? I got to think with some of these guys – with at least one of them – it’s CTE. It’s just got to be. Because it just makes no sense for any of those three.”
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NFL on FOX analyst

“If he comes out and has a big game and beats Tennessee in this game early, what a great, great announcement of him and his new regime there because they frankly needed a change. As great as Coach Beamer has been, it’s probably been about two or three years down the road that maybe it just wasn’t (working) the way it used to.”
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Former Panthers offensive lineman

“I think he can trust his team. I really do. I trust him. Being a competitive guy like Cam Newton is, this has kind of sat in his craw all offseason. You’re chomping at the bit to get out there and prove to the entire world that after that press conference and the way that game went down and people questioning whether you’re falling on the fumble, he’s going to go out there and he’s going to play. That’s going to be the difference in this game. It’s going to be Cam Newton.”
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JIM MCBRIDE – 9/8/16
Boston Globe Patriots reporter

“You put in an extra tight end. We have a fullback, James Develin, who was missed last year with a broken leg, but his presence will be felt this year blocking. So I think you get the ball out quick and you rely on your defense and you just try to steal one on the road.”
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Broncos cornerback

“You just got to pick your spots with Cam. I just seen a formation that I’ve been studying all week, and I was able to just make a play. (That type of pass rush is) what we expect for the whole season – to play like we played in the second half. We just got to pay like that for the rest of the year.”
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