Delaney Robinson, a sophomore at the University of North Carolina, has accused UNC linebacker Allen Artis of rape. Robinson said that she was assaulted on February 14 and that she has tried for months to file formal charges but that prosecutors have seemed more interested in blaming her for what happened than in bringing justice against Artis.

She also claims she was asked “demeaning and accusatory” questions by the university’s department of public safety investigators that made her feel more like a suspect than a victim. She was asked about her sexual past, whether she had previously had sex with Artis, whether she has had one-night stands, and how many men she had previously slept with, among other questions.

“The questions were totally irrelevant,” legal expert Amy Dardashtian said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “But what’s so shocking about this and what sets this case apart is really the evidence. So often the problem is that people don’t report it early enough, they don’t go to the hospital to collect evidence – so it becomes a he-said, she-said. But this young lady did everything right. She took the rape-kit test. It showed injuries that were consistent with blunt-force trauma to her genitals. She has pictures of bruises on her neck.

“So she reports it in a timely matter, and to your point, the department of public safety starts questioning her,” Dardashtian continued. “They’re asking her what was she wearing, how many people has she slept with, how often does she do one-night stands – totally inappropriate questions. There’s no purpose for these questions. Even if she answered yes to all of them, it wouldn’t justify rape. . . . According to her attorney, the district attorney (Jim Woodall) is faulting her for the rape. The way they’re doing that is saying, well, she was drunk when this happened, but she didn’t drink enough because she just blacked out; she wasn’t unconscious, so it wasn’t rape.”

Just as troubling, the department of public safety apparently told Artis not to worry about these allegations. They said not to sweat it and to just keep living your life and playing football.

“It was actually recorded,” Dardashtian said. “Those are the type of idiots running these investigations. There’s an active recording and they’re saying on the recording, ‘Don’t sweat it, man. Keep living your life and playing football.’ And then apparently the accused rapist starts talking about how many phone numbers he got from other girls the night that he allegedly raped this girl, and all of them start belly-laughing about it.”


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