Well, that didn’t take long.

One game into his Los Angeles tenure, Jeff Fisher is already on the hot seat – at least in the court of (fan) public opinion. That’s what happens when you get shut out by the 49ers in the first game of the season.

“I wondered how long the honeymoon would last,” Orange County Register Rams writer Rich Hammond said on CBS Sports Radio’s Ferrall on the Bench. “How long is it going be before that excitement for the Rams turns into ‘What’s wrong with this team?’ I thought it would be at least a few weeks. I thought it might take half the season. It’s already here. People are already upset. We haven’t even got to the home-opener yet and people are already mad about this team and already mad about the coach and asking whether or not he should even get a contract extension. He’s in his last year right now, by the way. So a lot of people, if that extension comes down and this is a 1-3 team again or an 0-4 team, that’s not going to fly real well.”

An 0-4 start is a legitimate possibility, too. The Rams host Seattle (1-0) this Sunday before playing Tampa Bay (1-0) and Arizona (0-1) on the road in Weeks 3 and 4, respectively.

“Eric Dickerson said it. He played here. He knows people will just tune out,” Hammond said. “There’s other things to do. There’s other teams to watch. There’s the beach, there’s Hollywood. If they get off to another one of these starts, fans aren’t going to react very well.”

Fans probably wouldn’t be as mad if the Rams looked good for most of their opener and then lost on the final drive to a quality opponent.

That, however, didn’t happen. The Rams looked inept from the start and lost 28-0.

“The Rams losing that game, it’s not that they lost it,” Hammond said. “If you lose that game 24-21, it’s one thing. But the players themselves said it was embarrassing. They were honest about it. It’s just the optics of it more than anything. It’s San Francisco, it’s your in-state rival, it’s the one team in the division you’re supposed to finish ahead of. If you lose to San Francisco, what is your hope in that division? So all of that – the first game of the season, Monday Night Football – it just could not have gone worse for that team.”


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